Wednesday, 4 May 2016

WOW 4th May Progress on Frog Song

Hi Everyone,
Has been a month since I blogged as have been away for most of April. Now back home and into quilting mode again.
Over Easter I concentrated on completing my two side panels for Frog Song.
I discovered when cutting my centre panel I had enough fabric to make full triangles for the side panels although there would have to be a seam I would need to match as well as possible.
Found a new place to hang my top for photo's - the lounge wall that is being stripped of wallpaper so no complaints about pin holes.

My fabric matching is not perfect but am happy with how the pattern flows across the background. But the sharp points on the central shape are just not right to me, my first plan where I had blocked them off on my scale drawing had been the right one. How often does this happen to you?
Out came my unpicker so I could remove those points.

My side panels are 11 1/2" wide finished so I cut 6" from the cental seam and added a triangle of block fabric, feel the center panel is now balanced and I decided to add frogs to it.

The Sentry

Bumble Bee

Much smaller than my other frogs they are just nestling in the leaves.

Not sure if I need top and bottom frogs in that panel yet, will wait till my borders are on as am thinking there might be frogs in each outer corner.
Decided yes there will be.

The Creeper.
Nicely camoflauged amongst the leaves he has worked out well as I don't want these corner frogs to be focal points just to be there waiting to be found.

He just about disappears into the background.
Now need to go through my fabrics to find others that will blend as well with my background.
Linking now to Esther's WOW and feeling happy my quilt top is very close to being finished.
Enjoy your Wednesday everyone,
Cheers Jenny

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  1. Dear Jenny, wow great fix there on those sharp points they look perfect now with the added frogs, I have to say your frogs are so realistic you have captured their personalities so well, having lived with lots of frogs all my life it is wonderful to see so many I have seen on this stunning quilt. It really is an amazing quilt Jenny. It will be hard to part with it. It's been quiet a journey and I have loved watching it evolve. Hugs Glenda