Wednesday, 23 March 2016

WOW 23rd March

Hi Everyone,
Haven't blogged for a couple of weeks as have spent far more time thinking than stitching but have been recording my progress as I go. Reaching the end of my applique blocks it was a case of  who gets to be the star of my last Frog Block. Decision finally made!!!

Jillian Sawyers "Jelly Bean"

I initially planned to use JellyBean as my applique at the top of the quilt once the two top blocks were joined together but he just didn't seem right there so now he has a block of his own, I think I should have enlarged the pattern one more level as he seems a little small against the other frogs but I just love him anyway.

I ended up choosing this frog as my central applique after joining the top two blocks.

The Crawler.

Happy with my choice, he is just crawling across the top without being noticed by the other two.
Have taken the plunge and started cutting my back ground fabric, top two corners are stitched in place.
Then it was measure, measure, measure before cutting into my main panel to fit the central block as I had trouble getting my head around what size my block space needed to be with the seam allowance.
I worked with my panel folded vertically in half with right sides together so I could mark and cut from the reverse. My first cut was the right length but not wide enough, I then realised half of 9 1//2 is not 4 1/4 Lol. Luckily it was a cut on the small side not cutting too big.

Happy with how the fitting of the block has turned out.
Am pleased I did cut this panel as one piece as it would have been near impossible to get such a flow of leaves if I had pieced it in sections around  the block.
Just remeasured as looking at my photo the top edge of the block seems slightly off but it is my pinning on the wall not the block thank goodness.
Now to tackle the other Y seams and join the top and bottom of the panel together

Hoorah, my Y seams stitched perfectly.
The only problem I had was taking this photo, Steve is out thank goodness as I had to pin into the wall just below the ceiling to get my length, something I promised him I wouldn't start doing, Lol
Now taken down and hopefully he won't spot the pinholes!!.
Only the two side panels to make now and as it is windy and raining an ideal day to be in my sewing room. Finally in time to Esther's WOW this week.
Enjoy your Wednesday what ever you are doing and if you stop by my blog I love to read your comments, unfortunately I am terrible at replying but will try to improve on this.
Cheers Jenny


  1. That's great - you are obviously a real frog lover!!

    1. Hi Jenny, I have always liked frogs but this is for a special friend who has an amazing frog collection so I have been going overboard, after this I will be frogged out for quite some time

  2. Ohhhh Jenny how stunning, that is one lucky lucky women who you are making this for, I hope she realises all the 100s of hours you have spent on it, this is going to be one fabulous wall art quilt. love love love it. Many many thanks for all the photos what a wonderful step by step tutorial I was so engrossed I forgot to drink my coffee and its cold now LOL Cheers Glenda

  3. Hi Jenny - Love the Frogs!
    Makes me want to add some to my 'To Do' list
    Cheers Wendy

    1. thanks Wendy, they are fun to make and it has been a great challenge designing my own quilt top for them.

  4. Liebe Jenny,
    ich liebe deine Frösche, danke für`s zeigen!
    Liebe Grüße

  5. Oh my are they beautiful.

  6. Hi again

    I couldn't reply directly to your comment on my blog as you come up as "non reply blogger'. Do you know how to rectify that? Someone (sadly not me) should be able to point you in the right direction.