Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Work on Wednesday 25th May

Hi Everyone,
Has been a real Autumn week, temps have dropped and we are getting showers every day but not as bad as the forecasters have been predicting. I guess it had to come as we have had summer like weather right up to now and next month is the start of winter proper.
Have been really enjoying my sewing room this week, Frog Song is finally finished, I have loved making it as frogs are not really my thing but the challenge of making a quilt my girlfriend will hopefully love was a real incentive to try something different.
Had some indecision about what colour binding to use, thought a dark green or a mahogany brown initially but whatever I tried seemed to have no definition and gave no finishing point to the quilt.
I had used a light yellow mottled with brown for the backing, the only fabric I could find in a wide backing that seemed to work colourwise.

When I tried it as a binding.

At least I think so, it's not in your face, the colour tones in and it gives an ending to the quilt.

During the last week of stitching my mind kept straying to Love Entwined. I have had the roughly cut pieces for fussy cutting sitting on my bench ever since I started the final borders but everytime I started work on her again I never felt the passion I used to have. This time seems very different, once again I am spending every spare minute doing  more. That first afternoon I finished the second border
then spent a while getting my head around resorting my fussy cuts and  exactly what went where for the third border.
It was only little things but when I chose my fussy cut pieces for these borders I didn't have enough identical pieces for all four borders so there are slight differences between borders 1,3 and 2,4

Look closely and you can see that the center Fleur de Lis has a black highlight  the other two have white. Borders 1 and 3 both have two with black and borders 2 and 4 are all white

This is the other difference, borders 1 and 3 have the gold topped one on the left, 2 and 4 have the blue top which is also the reverse angle and a fraction larger.
The top photo shows how far I got in just 3 days, my zig zag and both swags inplace and stitched.
Discovered I had to make more zig zags before I started this border but now I am only a couple short for the corner squares. Tuesday afternoon I spent preparing the rest of the pieces for this border.

All set out on my ironing bench and ready to go

First half in place and ready for stitching today.
The only thing is it is a beautiful sunny morning after days of cloud and rain and in order to sew I will have to block out the beautiful warm sunlight that streams into my sewing room in the mornings at this time of year.

Fabulous in the cold of winter if I am measuring or cutting but the sun is straight into my eyes when sewing so it is close the venetians enough to direct the sun away and turn on the lights for a couple of hours.
Hope you have enjoyed this update on my LE progress and if you think I might be able to help if you are machine stitching your LE just ask me.

Linking now to Esther's WOW enjoy your week everyone.
Cheers Jenny


  1. Jenny your frog quilt is fabulous what a wonderful generous gift to give some one. ????? LOVE the final border you are right it is perfect finish. looking at all your lovely pieces of your final border for LE is very daunting what a major task, but what a beauty your LE is going to be; you and Bunny are both working on these borders at present, at times I wonder if I will ever get to that stage? Thanks for sharing your steps step by step. Hugs Glenda

  2. Welcome back LE it is good to see you are working on your LE again, although I must say your frogs are gorgeous! Your LE is going to be a beauty..... keep on stitching,

  3. Brilliant progress on your LE - isn't it funny when projects wheedle their way back into our 'must do now' position after a fallow spell? Love your frog quilt too - you are right, the binding works well.

  4. Great color choice for you binding on the Frogs quilt. Your LE looks stunning!