Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Frog Song on Wednesday 18th May

Hi Everyone,
Hope you have all had a great week, I have been in my sewing room at every opportunity working on Frog Song and yes it's nearly finished - only the binding to go.
I only realised how lucky I was to decide on  2" as my spacing for stitching as my cross hatch in the center progressed - I hadn't measured to check how it would work out before I started stitching!!
I only had to lose or add a tiny fraction of an inch on a couple of rows to get a perfect result at the edges.

I practiced my FM for ages before plucking up the courage to make a start on the quilt itself, deciding to start in the most obvious place for any problems to show, the center panel.

I was so happy and surprised that I didn't have any problems.
My Bernina does have a stitch regulator foot for free motion, I have always struggled with it but this time after my practice session I used a different mode to what I have used previously and it was suddenly much easiera nd I was amazed how quickly my blocks were quilted.

How different my frogs look now they pop off the background.
Having reached this stage I stood back and took a good look and realised that my cross hatching of the center made the corner areas with only stitching one way now looked like unfinished hatching so yesterday I added the crosswise stitching to the corners.

I like this much better.

The day was beautiful first thing but and now rain has set in so it's the ideal day to sew on my binding.
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Enjoy your week everyone.
Cheers Jenny


  1. Beautiful. Frogs are my favorite!!!

  2. Hi Jenny long time no talk. I am not normally a fan of frogs but both hubs and I like this quilt.

  3. Wow! Beautifully done. Love the frogs and the quilting turned out perfectly.