Wednesday, 1 June 2016

WOW on 1st June, LE and Fatso

Hi Everyone,
Help it's June already, May has just flown by and I'm not sure where the days went but my DH tells me thats because I have spent nearly all of it in my sewing room, oh dear, I think he might be right.
Good news for me is that Steve had to go to Auckland on Sunday so took Frog Song to my girlfriend and she is in love with it which makes me feel great.
While there was asked if we would have a use for a very tall solid Oak bookcase designed to hold DVD's. that was taking up room in their garage. He wasn't sure but it did fit in the car so he brought it home thinking maybe he could use it sideways on the wall in the garage for storage. One look and it went straight to my sewing room!!

What size is a DVD,  the same size as a fat quarter and as my fat quarters need a major tidy up I now have the incentive to do it. the shelves are all adjustable so I have left room for a few of my favourite quilting books at the bottom. Now to stop sewing and start sorting, Lol.
My LE is talking to me again, the third border came together so quickly that by last Friday it was finished, WOW less than a week, when I think how long to make each of the first two we were definately on different wave lengths. Of course being me I couldn't wait to make number four to see how they would look on my quilt so with the first two corner blocks made I added them so with fingers crossed as to size I added them to my top.

Corner A

Corner B
My borders fitted perfectly.
LE is now so large that the only way I can take photo's is to fold her in half.
You might notice that I haven't added the  swirly stems to the swags, with the style of my fabrics I like the airieness and finality of the open swags.
Three borders on I decided to make the final two corner blocks before starting the last border.

Again they came together so quickly that yesterday morning they were finished and I have my zigzags in place on the final border ready to sew this morning.
In amongst working on LE I found time to bring out my Gecko that got put aside to start Frog Song.
I had stitched him to my background fabric back in January but the first thing he got was surgery as I hadn't added enough padding to the body and it looked in need of a good meal once on my background, in other words it had body wrinkles Now I am calling him "Fatso"

My background is a drape fabric which has wonderful texture to it, using it sideways the wavy lines make it seem like he is climbing a wall, The only stitching I did was to edge stitch around him apart from his feet, and to stitch along the wavy lines. Staying close to stitch around his body was a real pain because of his now robust size. His toes were the last thing I added and with not stitching his "fingers" when I did the body they have a lift now that the toes are stitched.

This gives more idea of the anount and effect of the extra padding.
Love how his eyes look in this photo.
I tried a different technique with my binding cutting it at 4 1/2 inches wide pressing in half and then stitching it to the back and folding to the front stitching it down with small blanket stitch, 
With 2 rows of stitching added I have a 1 1/2 inch border and binding in one.

The eye hoods worked out well but I had to go with larger eyes than my first choice.
Not sure where he is going to hang now that he is finished but it was such fun to design him from my metal outdoor one.

My LE is calling me back to the sewing room so time to link with Esther's blog.
Enjoy your week everyone.
Cheers Jenny


  1. My goodness - that's one handsome gecko!

  2. Great idea for the DVD unit. Love your gecko!

  3. WOW! I am still busy with LE center, it is going to take me a while to get mine done. As I have some trips coming up, the idea is to get a lot of bits prepared and then to take with to applique. Hopefully I can get my center block done. Love your colours!

  4. Hi Jenny - Fatso is gorgeous! I am sure he will find a wall to climb on.
    Your fabric choices are inspiring me to try and make something similar myself.... one day!