Wednesday, 29 July 2015

WOW 29th July

Hi Everyone,

Have decided I am going to reward myself by making a corner block after each border I finish so worked away quietly this week on the first of my corner blocks.
Lots of studying my inspiration fabrics and playing with options as these blocks will be the last opportunity to use them.

Only stitching so far is around the scallops and the vase
I thought, maybe I could make a "full stop" of my deeper colour's in the other corner blocks through the vases hence the deeper brown - not sure but not too difficult to change
I had to search to find the right motif for the little drops as I had to have enough for the 4 blocks.
Very happy with how the bouquet has come together and against my border it seems to work.

I could either start stitching or prepare all the applique first which is what I chose to do.

I dropped a few elements from the outer applique pattern to be able to use a slightly larger size of fussy cut circles and leaves and found a motif for the inner corner whch I had used before.
Looks alright here but when I tried it with the whole top it just did not work.
No photo, sorry I forgot.

Esther's rose in deep pink was what was needed to bring the block to life, now am really thinking I might need to change my vase to a burgundy but I will wait and see.
Only my stems and zigzags to stitch now, my zigzags may wait until until all my borders are complete, just in case minor adjustment is needed.

Couldn't wait to get home from work today as I have a 3pm finish on Wednesday's, straight to my sewing room for the final stems.

All my stems stitched and I am very happy.
Now to see it pinned in place against my border

I didn't realise until now how close the outer circles come to the border but I like having kept the original fabric going as the main feature of the block.
Next step will be to see it against the main quilt top but this will not be a five min set up with how big LE is becoming. For me, tomorrow I can start the second border.

Time now to link to Esther's WOW
Enjoy your Wednessday everyone,
Cheers Jenny

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  1. She's beautiful, you are doing a great job selecting the fabrics. Have fun with the next border.