Friday, 10 July 2015

WOW on 8th July

Hi Everyone,

I did spend two days cleaning up my sewing room, a couple of rubbish bags cleared a lot of unwanted things I don't know why I ever kept that had made their way in there - just in case, one day!!!!
I'm talking old handbags, clothes that are well past their use by date and that sort of thing, not of course any material that "might" be of use one day, those relocated to now available space.

 This bench under the window has been housing my finished or part finished quilts for the last 6 months and I have been working around them. They have been covered by a sheet to keep the sun off them, DH donated a couple of storage bins to the tidy up as well.

The other end of my bench, almost unusable because of the mess and underneath batting offcuts plus bubblewrap  and other things.

 Today I had to close the blinds enough to take this photo.
Wonderful winter sun is streaming in and I could be working in there in a T shirt.
Now my quilts have a new home under the bench alongside my quilting mags that still need a home.
In corner of bench is my DH's old globe machine and overlocker which he loves but have noticed he is now using my machine instead of the globe.

Part of my fat quarter collection still to be sorted properly, this is where I found handbags and clothes I had forgotten I had.
I had an accident at work on Monday which gave me Tuesday off. I had a run in with a T Bar, a clothes rail on wheels which managed to take me out. Wandering wheels plus a display table leg in the wrong place combined to put us both on the ground with my knees hitting the concrete floor first.
Bruised and limping but not as bad as it could have been but a day off  was a good idea.
Taking it easy I spent time on line with Esther's group viewing the new photo's of members progress with Love Entwined. Such beautiful work being done by so many people.

I knew where my LE was so out she came as I had packed everything away together. NO - not possible. My quilt top, fabric for the final border, pattern and my cut zigzags, yes all together but where are all my fussy cut fabrics for the last borders - not with the quilt. I had just cleaned out my sewing room so where are they?
After some frantic searching it finally clicked. My DH had shifted my sewing table to the new room while I was at work and all these pieces had been on one corner of it.The only place I hadn't looked and yes, DH had scooped all my LE and Lily Rose fabrics into a plastic bag, tied the top and placed it in the unfinished hall cupboard. What a relief to find them.

After an hour of sorting, my Lily Rose fabrics and all the squares and triangles that I had cut for the borders are bagged up and a pile of LE fabrics that should have everything I need for the last borders are seperated out. Hopefully I haven't lost any pieces.
As you can see Pledge and duster are still sitting where I left them after clearing my sewing table. 

I have since made a start on finishing my border for Love Entwined, and think I am again feeling the passion I once had for this wonderful pattern. Strangely it will be one year on the 22nd July since Mum passed away and the 13th July just 3 days away would have been her 95th birthday.
I only realised this yesterday so time does heal.
No photo's yet of my progress as if I don't link now to Esther's WOW this weeks link will have closed.
Enjow your week everyone, whatever you are doing.
Cheer's Jenny

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  1. Oh Jenny! Not the "ideal way" to get a day off work! ;)
    Your sewing room is looking fantastic. Hugs Wendy