Thursday, 23 July 2015

Tuesday 21st July

Hi Everyone,

Not working today as have to go to Auckland tomorrow for a work conference and won't be back till Thursday night.
Finished the last stitching on my LE border early this morning and it was time to see how it looked and if it fitted against the rest of my quilt top.

Not the best place or light for a photo,
Sun is streaming into my sewing room, making it the warmest room in the house on a chilly winters morning. My venetian blinds are casting shadows as they are partly closed to direct the sun off my eyes while I am sewing but the natural light is still fantastic.
LE has grown so large but it just fits on my table well enough for me to check and yes the border is the right length.
I had concerns about the amber/gold fabric for my swags but seeing it together for the first time I am happy.
Although my colours are mainly blue/purples and lavender/ pinks a lot of yellow/gold and rusty tones have been used as well.
Knowing how my borders will look I have started thinking about the corner blocks.

I have cut one of my corner block pattern's out with a 1/4 inch seam allowance and placed against my completed border. You can see the extra fabric I have allowed when cutting my border fabric as a just in case of shrinkage through my applique.
I had thought of carrying the gradually deepening shades from the other corner blocks out into these blocks but as my outer swag fabric is a new addition and I feel it has to be focal in the corner blocks as well, almost "locking" this border and enclosing the whole top with in it.
Now I am ready for my return from conference.
Enjoy your week everyone, Cheers Jenny


  1. Beautiful and Stunning Jenny. :Looking at your LE from this angle I can see how important those corner blocks are colour wise, your colours flow in such harmony from the vase to the willow, your eye for colour is wonderful. Hugs Glenda

  2. Your colours work together beautifully - it is such a pretty quilt.
    - Hugs Wendy

  3. Oh how beautiful! Each row plays so well off the other.

  4. Wow so excited to see this is back on your work table xxxxxxx

  5. Gorgeous as ever. Your swags pick up the colors of the vases and leaves here and there and is perfect. It's an amazing quilt.