Thursday, 16 July 2015

WOW on Wed 15th July

Hi Everyone,

My Love Entwined is back on my sewing table and I am in love all over again  - BUT - it is taking me a while to remember everything I had planned for the last borders.
This morning I am so happy that I started blogging about my quilting.  I went back to last year and read what was in my mind at the start of this border, plus found a photo of my LE  before I packed it away, and also my last photo of my border.
Due to computer problems I lost these photo's among other's but now have saved them again.

My DH does not want me pinning into the walls of my sewing room so am unable to take a new photo of  LE but for new viewers of my blog this is where I was at last July.
Complete to the Willow border.

My start of the final border and this was my comment underneath.
Another discovery, while preparing my favorite medallion I found 4 of them have a black highlight - not white. Thank goodness there are 4, two borders will have them equally spaced and two won't. Not something I would want to discover on the last border.
Had completely forgotten about this and the 3 I had ready for the rest of this border were all white highlights.

This is where I was at last July, colours for bows all decided and the lower edge applique sorted as well, so starting again should have been a piece of cake!!!

First thing was to make the next bows and stitch them down, purple and mauve of course as I am working back out from the center dark pink one. Oops, that should have been the center two dark pink as there are twelve in total, LOL.
Unpick and replace with the right colours, now I'm on track and time for a flower at the bottom.
Why doesn't it match the other side - a blue medallion is stitched where it's not meant to be!!!
More unpicking and at last this border is back in my brain.
Without these mistakes this border would be finished. Today this is where I am at.

Two bows and the bottom edge to go.
Yes, my top swag is not straight as I discovered when adding the second half of the zig zags. 
It was fully stitched, just too much unpicking and no spare background fabric to start again.
 I have got my bows to line up so will live with it and be more careful on the next borders, maybe do the zig zag first

With two deep pink bows now framing my center motifs I am really happy with how they look.

I think the light blue from my zig zags works well with the mauve.

Just thinking to myself as I write this, I have recently been reading and rereading a book I bought for 50c from the trade table at our quilt show. "Colour Confidence for Quilters" by Ginny Beyer.
Ginny says in every chapter that you need a deep dark and an accent to bring your fabrics to 
life but it is all relative to the depth of the fabrics you have chosen.
In this border the dark pink is my deep dark and the light blue my accent - I like to think so anyway LOL.

Time now to link to Esther's WOW then finish this border.

Enjoy your Wednesday everyone what ever you are doing.

Cheer's Jenny


  1. It's great to see your LE back in action. I have yet to start mine. Still not sure what colour to make the center compass. yes it is good that you were blogging your progress to refresh your mind.

  2. What a beautiful quilt. You are a brave person to make this quilt. I just admire it on the blogs. Look forward to seeing more progress next week.

  3. I've just been looking over these pics, over and over and they are so beautiful. It's completely normal to forget plans for this quilt - I keep forgetting and re-remembering all the time, so don't worry about that! I can see from the fabrics and attention to detail that you have poured so much time, love and workmanship into this quilt and it is going to reflect each and every hour. What a beauty!

  4. Another masterpiece Jenny. Your work always inspires me.
    Hugs Bunny