Wednesday, 5 August 2015

WOW 5th August

Hi Everyone,

Not much to show this week as I have been working on my next border and it is the same as the previous one. However I did add an extra leaf to my corner block and now am happy it looks more balanced.

Now three leaves left facing instead of only two.
Could I add more leaves, I'm not sure. What do you think?

Today is an unplanned day off as I covered for my manager at work last Sat and have taken today as an annual leave day rather than work six days in a row. Last days off I stitched my swag border and then fused my zigzag border in place.The zigzag is my only dislike of this whole pattern, everything else I love it!!! It did fuse into place perfectly, better than on my first border but for me it is tedious to stitch. For hand stitchers you must either love it or hate it also - I would love to know which.
Tthese borders which are nearly 68" long and  it seems to take forever to stitch. The outside edge by machine is a simple in and out along the edge but coming back it triples in length to stitch the joins.

At least I was able to stitch a little everyday before work  so this morning I only had half the return stitching to complete, It took me 3/4 hour, not as long as I expected.
Have also been preparing all my fussy cut applique for this border in advance.

Lovely to now have room on my window bench to set them out away from the sewing table.

Am now sharing my sewing table with my DH and his trusty machine
How old is this machine? I have no idea and have never used it but DH says it stitches perfectly.
It has come out because we are going on another car rally in Sept this time pirate themed so DH has been adding to his wardrobe, along with buying items off Trade Me.
I was greated by this vision the other night.

Top and pants are his work, accessories from Trade Me.
DH was a saddler when he first left school so is very comfortable at a sewing machine.
He just unpicks an existing garment and uses that as his pattern and yes the stripes on those pants match pefectly. Also like me he loves shine!!!
He has also bought many items for me to wear for the rally but I am not showing them yet, Lol

In the last week DH has also been thinking of our garden which is a huge work in progress like the renovation of our house. We currently have a rubbish skip parked by the front deck and it is filling steadily with what we don't want from both house and garden. No, a photo of the skip would be just too depressing, these plants have brought joy instead.

 Hellebore's or Winter Roses.
We now have five different colours but these are the only two flowering at present.
The very dark purple one is so stunning!!!

Still on our deck table 10 gorgeous poly's waiting to be planted plus another two Hellebore's.
My days off this week may not be in my sewing room after all - unless it is raining!!!

Hope you have enjoyed your visit this week, Please leave a comment as I love to hear from you.
Enjoy your Wednesday what ever you are doing.
Cheers Jenny


  1. Hi Jenny you asked about did I enjoy hand stitching the zig zags well strangely I did I found it so so relaxing and satisfying seeing them grow, as I appliquéd them down on to my LE I also stitched the centres down so there will be no floating there if I don't quilt the top. But I must admit the thought of doing the final border of them is rather daunting and I may give in to the help of the sewing machine to make them and just appliqué them on by hand???? Love you piles of fussy cutting, it must give you a warm feeling going in and seeing them all waiting for you. Cheers Glenda PS Hubby sure looks the part LOL.

  2. Wow two sewist in a family, what fun. Love hubby's outfit. Yours stitching is beautiful. So glad you got back to your beautiful LE. I know with all your renovations you have been busy.
    Hugs Bunny

  3. Dear Jenny

    The diamond border is a bit time consuming, until you work out what works for you. Then you get on with it. Your LE is looking sparkly and bright. Your Hubby is looking almost like a pirate, just needs the eye patch and the hand with the hook! Have you ever seen " The Great British Sewing Bee" ? On there they have home sewers competing for the title. It has been going for four years now. One season they had a guy who sewed his own costumes for re-enaction tournaments. He did a fine job of them too. Recently my Hubby decided he needed to have his own sewing machine, for doing projects to do with fishing and his hobbies. He has a singer featherweight, which can sew through leather.

  4. Hubbie's outfit is darling.

    Your LE is looking gorgeous.

    Your fussy cut applique colors are so striking.

  5. Oh everything looks so good Jenny! I just love how your LE is coming along - those details are gorgeous, and I'm seriously impressed with your costume skills as well :)

    As for extra leaves - TOUGH decision. I am always going over and over options like this. You'll just have to 'feel' it one way or another in my opinion.

  6. Very impressed with the Hubby's sewing, the costume is amazing. I hope they have prizes for costumes on the rally.
    I have visited your blog often and not commented (sorry) your work is amazing too!
    I was wondering if you are a Whangarei Patchwork &Quilters Club member and I just haven't meet you there yet?