Friday, 29 November 2013

WOW 27th Nov

Hi Everyone, if I write quickly I might just be able to link to Esther's blog this week.
Work has been all consuming the last few days as we are so short staffed. No three or four days off in a row to enjoy my stitching, it has all been one off, two on, one off, four on, and 40 hour weeks, this I am not used to, 30 hours is my norm.
I have managed to finish my 3rd vase of LE and think I have achieved the softer look I was wanting.

The metallic thread worked perfectly to highlight my dark berries and give them the lift they needed. I will use this fabric again for the last vase to keep the balance in my corners. It is from the curtain samples I was given as are my deep jade vases.

The fabrics look much different here, especially the berry fabric which looks quite red. the vase fabric is the one in line with the door handle.

I tried to add gold into my flowers and it just didn't work, it became overpowering.
The gold vase in these corners is enough and is balanced in the other corners by the gold flowers, at least in my mind.
I have found time to trace Esther pattern sheet for the zigzags onto Viesofix so am starting to prepare my next zigzag  border pieces. Have discovered if I let the cut applique pieces sit for a while the backing paper comes off much easier, found this out with my berries for this  corner which I made ahead of time.
I am going to cut my diamonds now and store them away till needed.

Am amazed at how few fabrics I have actually used so far in LE.

I bought 6 Taffeta's and these are only two I have used so far, plus my eight gold overlaid fabrics.

I haven't got many flowers left Glenda, just a couple for vase four, thanks so much it has been perfect!!!

My two inspiration fabrics have done the rest of the work,  for those of you who are new to my version of Love Entwined these are my inspiration fabrics I want to use throughout.
Oh gosh I was only going to make the center, but I can't stop now, I am so in love with how this quilt just draws you in.

First inspiration, Arabian Nights - by someone in Japan or China

Second inspiration Kashmir by Hoffman

Last photo's for this week. Trying to stay on top of these little critters in our vege garden is now a marathon task. Snail bait every few days as with summer approaching they are eating everything in sight.

But on a much nicer note.

Our local council last year planted these Magnolias in our street, and have since removed a couple of Liquid Amber trees whose leaves have caused major drainage problems in Autumn.
Luckily I was home on planting day and from our dining room window got the council guys to plant the Magnolia a meter from where they wanted but perfectly for me to view it's beauty as it grows.

Magnolia Little Gem
A Grandilflora hybrid grows very slowly to about 25 feet.
This is it's second flower this year, already scorched by the sun and destroyed by rain the next day.
The first flower was opening when I left for work a few days ago, but when I came home a passer by had broken off the supporting stake and used it to bash the flowering branch to bits.
I just hope it survives.

Cheers Everyone, enjoy your stitching, Jenny


  1. Jenny your LE is gorgeous. I can't wait until I can get back to mine. So much stress going on with this move we hope to be in our condo soon but not likely on our planned moving day. We are waiting for the floor to come in, not sure you read we had a flood three days after we too possession. Now we are dealing with insurance co. Etc. hugs Bunny

  2. Oh Jenny your LE looks so light and airy as if it could float away, it is just so so beautiful. You sure achieved what you were after. So glad you are going to continue making it in to the quilt and I will enjoy following you on this journey. Hugs Glenda