Thursday, 21 November 2013

Work on Wed 20th Nov

Hi Everyone, I have had a great week.
Esther released part 6 of Love Entwined, I had been very good and waited for her pattern instead of racing ahead and working from just the photo. Lily Rose has kept me busy but my half square triangle border fabrics are now to the side of my work bench and LE is consuming all my time.
I don't know what it is,  many members have said the same thing, once you start it just draws you in.
I would love to know more of the LE history  and see a color photo of the original, one day maybe!!
This morning I finished stitching my main elements except for all the berries as wasn't sure if the dark Burgundy would work. Once they are all stitched I think they will as the lower stitched spray has become so much brighter.

I am glad I waited for the pattern as this bouquet feels more delicate than the previous two, most of my flowers are smaller yet my center flower is larger.
A thank you here to you Glenda, My daisy flowers, center of my large flower and center of my top flower have all come from a piece of Kimono fabric you so kindly sent me. It works so well with my fabrics  though the weave has made them difficult to sew, but they are the perfect delicate touch.

I had to completely reverse my stitch settings. My normal blanket stitch for LE is either 1.6 or 1.8 width by 2.0 length depending on size as shows on the berries and hearts.
For this fabric it is 2.2 width x 1.6 length to become almost an over lock stitch because of the more open weave.
You can also see in this photo that I travel stitch on my stem line to save stopping and starting when stitching my berries, this will be covered when I stitch my stems.

Here is how this bouquet now looks against the others, more delicate and NO yellow in my bouquet!!!
I tried to add it but it became the overpowering color, I think the yellow of the vase itself is enough  to balance the other corners.

To other things, have taken photo's the last few weeks of  summer arriving in Northland, NZ this is what has been happening in our garden.

Bottle brush by front deck has come into flower

So glad to see this little fellow, they are in short supply in Northland.

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow has taken it's transplant well
sorry can't recall it's true name.

This gorgeous miniature orchid has been flowering by our garage.

The native cabbage tree we planted out last year loves it's new home.

Miniature Agapanthus starting to flower

The other weekend DH decided to finally extend the lounge and have a front deck.
bricks off  and deck joists sitting in place, this has been in planning for two years.

Ranchslider and deck in place plus trellis made, my job to take it apart again and paint it.
Everyone has commented on the basket weave design which we saw in a magazine.
This front area we will now turn into garden.

View from the lounge.
What a difference this has made to our 1970's bungalow. We only added approx 2 x 1/2 feet to the lounge but changing the window to a full width double opening ranchslider, bought for $100-00 on trade me, has made the lounge feel huge, especially looking out onto this private deck.
Table and chairs are a little large but are a temporary shift from our back deck as the ones for this have been lent to friends for staging a house they have on the market.

Back at work for 5 days from Thursday so LE won't have much happening.
Enjoy your week whatever you are doing, Cheers Jenny


  1. Wow, I love your LE. So beautiful!!


  2. Oh Jenny what a difference that 2 1/2 feet will make with those double ranch-sliders added, think of Xmas day you will have with those doors wide open. You have really nailed your Vase and flower arrangement again, so soft and delicate and the berries are perfect. How I enjoy seeing your work come up and inspire us all. Cheers Glenda

  3. Your LE is coming along beautifully great work... Love your new deck with the ranch-sliders. Great view !!!!!