Friday, 6 December 2013

Lily Rose and Other

Hi Everyone,
Have had a busy few weeks at work, so much so that I completely stressed out and am now taking a few days off to get myself back into a good space.
Have struggled to even go to my sewing room since finishing my 3rd corner of LE, this is not like me and it made me realise something was not right.
I have cut all my diamonds for the next border of LE and they are in bags waiting for their time.
Decided that with using Viesofix I would cut them early and hopefully the backing paper will fall off of it's own accord and I don't have to struggle to separate it.
Amazing that knowing I don't have to work or stress for a week has done for me.
This morning I wanted to go to my sewing room and revisit Lily Rose.
Last week I couldn't even think of those small scrappy borders to foundation piece but this morning the next border section came together easily, and after 3 attempts to choose the right green I have decided on my fabrics for the corner applique.

I started too light with my first two green's, they looked fine as a piece of fabric against my background, once they became tiny ovals they disappeared but this fabric I am happy with.
My first side border is attached and i really happy with how my first attempt at scrappy is coming together.
I just wish the photo's would let Lily Rose be an oval!!!

Steve has done a little more work on our deck.

Step down trellis and gate are in place. I took this photo sitting down as it shows the privacy we have without the feeling of total enclosure as the front Trellis steps up further again  to block out the street totally.
At the moment there is a metal grid across the old concrete deck to keep Kelly  from escaping, all the old bricks and timber are sitting there and we must look an eyesore from the street as our old front door has come out as well and is now closed in with plywood. I am married to a builder and our house is going from 3 bed x 1 bath to 4 bed x 2 bath in the next year so I am now living  in a WIP, LOL
The trellis fencing will continue around the old deck at the lower height to keep Kelly safe.
At the end I will have an even bigger sewing room so will not complain too much.

I hadn't given much thought to our garden this last week until Steve asked had I looked at the Hydrangea cuttings we planted last year. All from the same plant!!!
Please forgive the weeding that needs doing,

As you can see they are all very small , but planted in different places the soil is dictating their color.

And this is a flower that many of you won't know. The Chatham Island Forget Me Not is more common in Blue. It is native to the Chatham Islands off the coast of New Zealand  and this rarer pink version is flowering very happily in a corner of our glass house where it is not meant to be.

Enjoy your week everyone, whatever you are doing,


  1. Oh Jenny your Lilly Rose looks so so nice what an inspiration to any one else who wants to make it. Love Love the scrappy borders how patient you are been getting it just right. Your Hydrangeas are stunning and so lovely to see all the different colours. Its a long time since I saw a Chatham Island Lilly in flower. Thanks for sharing but I'm still not home sick for NZ LOL. Your sun-deck is going to be a great place to relax over any hand sewing. Cheers Glenda

  2. You deserve your time to yourself and never apologize for weeds. They make thorns look like roses.

    Love your quilt and good luck on the renovations.