Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Lily Rose My Borders - updated

Hi Everyone, particularly those who are making Esther's Gorgeous Lily Rose pattern

I started my 1/2 size version of Lily Rose in 2013 when Esther first released her pattern but she is still a UFO for me, but will be coming out of the darkness very shortly.
I have found my last blog about Lily Rose and have edited it and hope that I can successfully link it to Esther's Wow this week as I think it gives another option for those making Lily Rose and are unsure about how to make the HST border's as I have seen several questions about HST's on Esther's Yahoo Group. Please remember what I described below are my measurements for half size NOT full size, you need to draw up your foundation and cut your fabrics accordingly.

Lily Rose is at the challenging stage for me now. The Borders!!!
In my half size version these half square triangles are only 1 inch square!!!
How am I going to do them, I really didn't know and thought about changing them completely, but I love how they bring Lily Rose together.

As most of you know I have problems with my thumbs and handling tiny fabric is hard enough for me but when appliqueing once it's on the background it doesn't move!! I tried making a couple of squares and no way could I get them to look any good.
My answer has been to foundation / paperpiece strips and then sew them together, still fiddly but I have a stabiliser in the paper, more to hold on to and an accurate guide for stitching.

This is my master pattern which I am Photo copying as needed. I made a mistake in the drawing up as only the center 2 strips start my diagonal blocks at the beginning of the strip, but the outside strips do the same when put together. It has been a while since I have drawn patterns but so long as I remember which strips go together no problem, have now labelled them A and B strips.

Here you can see my mistake. I used the bottom 2 strips of my pattern and added the top 2 to them to give me my length, the result 7 x 2" blocks on point, not 8. Easily fixed at this stage by removing the strip on the right and adding a strip to the left.

Matching pair cut for a side border, I need four strips like this as a heart square goes in the center of the side border. As you can see I have marked dark and light  but it takes care as this is the reverse and the positioning changes when they are flipped over

I am becoming more confident with this method and it is working well - for me, maybe not for everyone!!!
I am cutting 2" squares from my light and dark fabrics and cutting my triangles as I want them.
2" is just big enough with trimming my inner seams fractionally, to make sure I keep my seam allowance.
2 x 1/4" squares might be safer if you want to try this method, but there is less trimming with 2". Have added some more lights to my mix and 2 more dark blues, even my LE has been generous and given me a couple of strips, I did have to cajole her though, Lol
What I like about this method  is that my top strip ( remember it was my bottom strip in the photo of my pattern) I put together with any light and dark fabrics that worked together.
The second strip I can audition and plan each fabric. Also know that the bottom edge is going to meet my turquoise border so I can pick fabrics with that in mind as well. Maybe not the real way to do scrappy but I do like the control I have. Hey, I am a Virgo after all so always want perfection!!!

Time to start my heart squares, Have cut my background 3" square so I have something to work with and maneuver under my pressure foot.

Because the seams in my borders are creating some bulk I decided to add a 2" square of my iron on batting before stitching to keep a balance when I quilt.
Can see it is time to replace my ironing board cover or at least refold it as many usable surfaces yet.

My heart square stitched but still to be trimmed. I used a tiny zigzag version of satin stitch 63 on my Bernina 440 for this,1.1 Length x.9 width With gold metallic thread there was no changing threads, just stitch all the way around - I like simple and easy!!!

Trimmed and added to my side border. I used my oval border fabric plus the deep pink that LE very kindly gave me, Both metallic overlay fabrics which I love.

You can see where I have changed my top border to 8 diagonal squares which is what it should have been and now have 2 heart blocks completed.
This where my Lily Rose became a UFO, She is safely packaged with all my border fabric squares waiting to see the light of day again.
Cheers everyone Jenny.
PS sorry if this takes a while to open as this blog was posted before I learnt to reduce photo sizes and I have lost most of the originals  from my computer.


  1. Just beautiful Jenny ! I love the way this is coming out. I had such a hard time myself with the HST's a while back. Very frustrating when they wont come out. Have you ever watched the Missouri Star Quilt Company's HST tutorial out of a square. You take two squares, right sides together and stitch all the way around the outside of the square with scant 1/4 inch seam allowance. They cut two diagonal cuts through the center of the large square and you get 4 HST. Very nifty. Maybe for the next time. Thanks for sharing your work with us - it's just gorgeous ! Karen on Keuka

  2. Jenny this is so beautiful I love how you have put it all together I can hardly wait to start mine but for sure it won't be until the new year. Your colours are spectacular.