Monday, 4 November 2013

Lily Rose Continued

 Hi Everyone,
Went back to work yesterday so this week my blog is more of my progress with the wonderful  half size Lily Rose Pattern Esther has given us. Have added to this all week as I have made progress.

I completed all the stitching for what was already placed then made up the final roses onto baking paper the same way I showed last week. Forgot to take a photo but for the Apricot Rose I cut the outer edge as a whole flower piece, not a skinny piece with an under lap, this for me was going to be too fiddly.
The second layer I marked with an underlap and  removed the center before placing it on the bottom layer, THEN I cut out the excess from the bottom layer, this was stage one.
Layer 3, 4 and 5 working to the center I cut complete and layered up, 3 layers of fabric but no under shadings to show through. these I then fused to the bottom two layers.
Before fusing to the background I added pellon padding to fill the area where I had cut out the bottom two layers, hope this makes sense. With hindsight I might have got a better 3D  effect with not adding padding.

 Inspiration for my apricot rose, just starting to bloom for the summer.

For the fronds I used stitch 48 on my Bernina 440 Fly stitch, I reduced the width down from 5.5 to 4 but left the length at 2.6 and it worked perfectly. the Anther heads are stitch 103 a diagonal satin stitch, also with width reduced to 4. Only remembered on second Lily that I could mirror image and change the direction lol.

This was my way to mark my background for placing the half ovals. Instead of cutting a paper template that could move I cut out the center of my pattern, pinned it in place and drew a pencil line around the inner edge.

Ovals fused with my quarter inch underlap extending over my drawn line.I stitched these half circles before adding my frame Then placed my oval frame, fused and stitched.

Stitching complete, beads added and I very happy, except it keeps photographing as being round!!!!!
Time for the first border as I will do my corner applique once this border is added.

Decided with machine stitching I would trace and cut each length of ovals as one piece so marked my fusible with a quarter inch seam line and then marked the 1 inch spacing and traced the ovals along the line.
Marking the 1" is important as my first attempt I didn't and when I measured 14 drawn ovals I was nearly a half inch over, just a little creeping on each one!!!
Also, making the start and end points on your background fabric strip is equally important as I found out, The strip of ovals can easily stretch as you fuse it so secure each end and then press.

Because I have used an iron on pellon batting behind my background fabric which I want to extend under this border I have not trimmed my background to size.
Instead I drew a pencil line where the cut edge would be. To do this I trimmed my paper pattern with a quarter inch allowance, placed it over my applique and marked the corners and drew my lines.
Then I marked my stitching line on the reverse of my border and pinned with the outer edge on my drawn line, making sure my ovals finished correctly at the corners.
I used my walking foot to stitch as didn't want movement between my fabrics.

Only the bottom ovals are stitched at this stage.

The only way I have found to show the true oval shape of Lily Rose as if I rotate this photo it becomes round, Don't get a crick in your neck, Lol.
By the way, bottom seam has been unpicked and resewn as my seam line obviously isn't straight.
Am back at work tomorrow but will link this on Wednesday to Esther's blog.
Cheer's everyone, enjoy your stitching, Jenny


  1. Oh Jenny thanks so much for a wonderful tutorial it was so easy to follow and I can not believe how quick you have been to get this far all ready. It is such a lovely wee quilt it looks so big but is very small. Thanks for taking so many photo's and up loading them for us all to see how you worked each stage. It is a beautiful wee treasure. Cheers Glenda

  2. Beautiful! You are really working quickly on this, aren't you!

  3. Beautiful machine work! Thanks for the Tut.

  4. Beautiful! I love the fabrics you have chosen

  5. Wonderful work, jenny. You're inspiring me to try my hand at doing this by machine. I do a fair amount of machine blanket stitch appliqué and thanks to your great tutorials I think I might be able to do this! Joan in SC

  6. This is a beautiful quilt, and I will be making it. Have to clear those pesky chores out of the way first and then pick the fabrics!