Friday, 26 February 2016

WOW 24th Feb

Hi Everyone,

Have had a few rainy days which has been good for progress on my Frog Song quilt.
My next block was simple compared to some of the others but it looks stunning.

Jillian Sawyers "Sweet Pea"
sitting in a Bromiliad flower
I like to think this might be one of the little frogs Glenda has in her Australian garden,
Hardest part of this was searching my scrapbox for the petal fabrics as I don't have many oranges in my stash and I didn't want to go red. Am now scared they might be too bright though!!!

With only three main blocks to go I began thinking about my background fabric and how I am going to cut these angled pieces that I have no pattern for.

For those interested this is a Kona Bay 2015 fabric and has metallic overtones.

I am treating it as a one way design fabric as those leaves all face the same direction and any reversal will really stand out. I bought the last 3 meters of this fabric and it should be enough for my background as am planning on approx 1.8m by 1.3m or 72" by 52"finished depending on my final block sizes. So far I have cut 3 identical 5" strips across the fabric width discovering I had to lose 1" to the pattern repeat on 2 of the strips. Why three strips?
Fabric is only 42" wide so have to make an invisible join for top and bottom borders to get my 52" width. Thankyou Ginny Beyer for your tips on matching border fabrics.
Next was to cut two 5" strips length of fabric for the side borders, this done my other pieces have to come out of what is left!!!
I have 32" fabric width left so have to make a decision about block size as even with  a 11" finished block width I can only cut two strips of fabric and I really want to cut the central area as one piece and insert the Frog Chain panel into that so my fingers are crossed. Luckily I have had plenty of practice with Y seams recently or I wouldn't even go there.
 I cut all my finished blocks down by 1" both width and length and they look good so am going to work to that even if slightly larger than I planned.
Decided I needed to finish my bottom blocks before chosing my final frog for last side block.

These two look great in the book and might be as risque as my frogs get

"What a Hunk" and " Mama Mia"

Jillian Sawyer's "What a Hunk"
She looks so small and delicate at the top point of this block.
Hopefully I have placed her correctly to watch The Hunk who will sit opposite her.
She is really the  "Mama Mia" but thats the Hunks thoughts !!!

During the last week I have spent time stripping wallpape rin the lounge then Steve decided it was time for our last new double glazed window to go into our bedroom. We put one in last year to replace an existing window but had decided we wanted a matching one for the other wall to give both more light and sun and warmth in winter. It has been sitting in the garage for a year waiting for the brick exterior to be removed.

Wall removed and partial wall paper stripping done we had 2 nights sleeping with plywood protectig us from the elements. On Sat Steve and his mate had the new window installed!!

This window is 3m long, 4 ml double glazed glass and so heavy it was a marathon effort with various scaffolds and supports to get it in place 4 foot off the ground.
My fear was someone losing balance and having the full weight of that window landing on them.
Lots of finishing to do but such a lovely view from the bed.

Think I still have time to link to Esther's WOW this week.
Cheers Everone, enjoy your week, Jenny

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