Thursday, 18 February 2016

WOW 17th Feb

Hi Everyone,
Have had to give a few days this week to painting our exterior renovations but have still found time to progress with my Frog Song quilt. My fourth Jillian Sawyer block gave me a few headaches - all of my own making!!!! Eventually the problems have been fixed and I am very happy with the outcome but still have some detailing to do as handle ends don't show up enough at this stage.

 Tap Dancer

My tap came together so well I fused it straight down, raced ahead and did ALL my stitching on it.
Finished it looked fabulous so now to add my tap dancer.
Then I swore - several times!!!
Much of my frog sits under the tap and I have stitched all the tap down.
Unpicking for me was not an option, I have enough trouble holding a needle let alone an unpicker and doing a clean removal of the stitching without damaging my background fabric was going to be a massive task. Also not enough fabric to cut a new panel as I had bought what they had.
Decided on an easy fix for the main area, top of the frog where the eye focuses first.
I carefully cut my background along the top of the tap and inserted my frogs body with a fused underlap then restitched along the tap line.

 This cut is now totally secure.
Cutting my background for the leg next to the tap I felt was risking too much so I cut my leg fabrics for a matchto the tap then a little extra zig zag stitch next to the tap to secure my fabric, and a bit of pen blending on the right side to disguise my stitching.
That little dark patch by the tap showing from this side is where I used pens to colour a small applique piece I had missed completely.
This photo also makes me ask a question. How do you finish your machine applique stitching?
 I do have stitch secure on my Bernina but I don't trust it for applique so I take my top thread to to the back with a needle then tie it off to the bobbin thread leaving a little tail for security of it not unravelling over time. It does become time consuming when finishing lots of small areas but I don't know another way.

The next block, No problems here as my next frog sits on top of all my leaves.

Choccy Frog
He is just adorable and I love Jillian Sawyers little verse for this Frog
"Choccy Fogs are fun to eat because they go so gooey.
Don't worry mate we won't eat you, coz you would be too chewy"

I now have the 4 upper blocks plus the central block complete so feel like I am close to half way for the quilt top. I have the completed blocks on my design wall and am happy with the balance so far.

So this is where I am today, now to link to Esther's WOW and then start on my Sweet Pea Block.
Enjoy your Wednesday everyone, Cheers Jenny


  1. Just love your frogs! Well done in getting round your stitching problem, you can't tell at all from the front.