Thursday, 11 February 2016

WOW 10th Feb

Hi Everyone,

Have been slowly making progress on my Frog Song blocks.
Had forgotten how fiddly small applique pieces can be to put together so where possible I am fussy cutting my fabrics as large as possible to get the right shadings then using my stitching to create the joints and body details.
Another reason for this is that I don't know whether my friend intends to use this as an everyday throw rug or as an ornamental throw in her collection. I hope the latter but she did say easy care!!!
Easiest care would be not to use it, Lol.
Block Two is finished.

"The Dangler"
Have cropped this photo top and bottom to show him off but think you can see how the 60 degree angles works. Wasn't sure if my underbelly fabric would work but with dark edge stitching it does.
I'm following Esther's wonderful advice for applique blocks, cut larger and trim to size afterwards so am cutting my blocks 16" x 13" as finished my scale drawing is for  14" x 11"

This morning I have finished block 3

The Lily Frog
I loved the pink lily shown in the book but with my sashing/border fabric it would have been a horrible clash of colours but my yellow lily looks just as good.
I am using the decorative stitches on my Bernina to create my eye centers.
A satin stitch oval for the larger eyes and part of another design for this eye.
Just played on a scrap of fabric for start and finish points then stitched slowly.

Now only six more blocks to go but who to put where. There are plenty of options but chosing placement is the difficult part all of my blocks have an overlap with another one.

Am hoping if I get my positioning right to add extra frogs where the blocks meet once my panels are completed. Especially at the top and bottom where the two blocks join completely.
My Tap Dancer seems to sit well in this position as my next block so back to the sewing room.

Enjoy your Wednesday Everyone.
Cheers Jenny

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