Wednesday, 12 August 2015

WOW 12th August

Hi Everyone,

Not a lot to blog about this week. My blog has always been a record of my quilting progress to look back at times for fresh inspiration as well as sharing what I do with you all through Esther's WOW so this week I only have had a couple of small glitches to show you.
First, my border has been on my wall ever since I completed it and it was only at the weekend I spotted this. Can you see my mistake?

Yes, my last heart "pendant" is upside down!!!
Can't believe it took me nearly two weeks to spot it, was tempted to leave it as a "deliberate " error and see how many people found it when finished, however I have plenty of this shape so it now faces the right way, no photo necessary.

The second glitch was a little more serious. I love the centre flower at the bottom of my first border.

It's center just seems to glow and I was very happy for this to be on all four borders.
It was made to Esther's pattern and I wanted to keep lots of her elements.
It was when I prepped more of my fussy cuts I discovered - I only have six of these left and they are two each for use in my corner blocks!!!
My fabric came out and NO there are no medallions left with this center, six it is.

Options ran through my mind - even at work - for the next couple of days. The best was to do two borders with this and find a different motif for the other two, leaves me with only five for my corners so I need to find another motif for two blocks to have them balanced. Then I spotted this medallion. 

I used this in the center square for the vase flowers and you can tell from my cut out which motif I chose. I am so pleased with the result my original flower has been replaced and this is now for all four borders.

A waterlily perhaps.
The original pattern is still there as I wanted to keep the gold and aqua but with this lovely flower head rising above it I am very happy and have six of the other motif for my corner blocks.
Problem solved!!!

My top swag border and zigzag border plus first half of the second swag are completed, I am now stitching my double bows for this half to give me some variation so first half will be complete very soon.

Off now to see if Esther has opened her linky and then start stitching.
Enjoy your Wednesday eaveryone and I do love to know if you have called in.
Cheers, Jenny.