Friday, 21 August 2015

WOW on Thurs 20th Aug

Hi Everyone
Have had 5 days working so sewing time has been limited this last week then yesterday it was time to revalidate my First Aid Certificate for work, day 6  away from my sewing room!!
After the course yesterday I went straight to Country Dawn to buy more fabric for my Zig zag borders as I had used more than I thought in my 12DOC wallhanging. The light blue was there but the dark peacock blue, Oh No, none on the rack!!
Kathy is the most wonderful lady, she checked and yes still available and would order it immediately. Just as I bought my light blue fabric the heavens opened so no walking back to the car just then. Browsing in a fabric shop is always fun so I made my way back to the rack of fusion fabrics that I love and where I had pulled my light blue out - what is that dark blue peeping out from behind the others?
 My Peacock blue bolt had been turned and was hidden behind the other blues at the back of the rack!!!  Kathy was already on the phone when I let her know I had found it
Went home very happy especially when I discovered they were on sale and my extra purchase made up the minimum length and I saved $8.50 on it.
I now have all my fabrics to finish LE.
This morning I am nearly half way with the second border, just a few bottom elements to stitch so I went off on a tangent as I felt I just NEEDED to see how these borders would really look so I attached my first side border this morning.

I promised my DH I wouldn't put pins into the wall of my sewing room so the only way I could see the result was to fold my quilt top in half to hang it
Any last concerns I had about using gold for the swags has gone.

My Border fitted perfectly.
 The pencil line on the top edge is my provisional cutting line for the top border.
Esther recommends you allow extra fabric when cutting your borders and I totally agree.
 I don't trim this outer fabric until after I stitch my next border on.
I remeasure and remark the completed border width with quarter inch seam allowance all along the outer edge. Even if the applique has shrunk my border a fraction my original line should still be within the seam allowance and not show.
The new border I am adding I measure and trim to the quarter inch seam allowance then pin the cut edge to my remarked line and stitch the seam using my walking foot as with applique very close to both edges the walking foot allows a better fabric feed.
 I personally find lining up one cut fabric to a pencil line on the other fabric easier than matching two cut edges perfectly on a long border.
Seam stitched and happy I trim the excess fabric away.

My final need to know was, do the central elements in my final border work with the other borders.
I think they do.

Time now to link to Esther's WOW and head back to stitching my border.
Thanks for dropping by, enjoy your own stitching everyone.
Cheers Jenny


  1. This is looking so beautiful, she is just lovely. Glad you found the fabric you needed. You have a real treasure.

  2. Ohhhhhhh Jenny how gorgeous> What a lovely journey it has been following you make your beautiful LE and now to see it so close to been completed. Yes that final border is stunning and so glad you found the dark blue and able to keep working on your heirloom. Hugs Glenda

  3. PS thanks for the tips on adding that last border, if I get that far I will use them. Cheers

    1. Hi Glenda, I now use this technique for all my borders not just this one. It's like an extra safety net when stitching a quarter inch seam that you want really straight and as I am joining two different weight fabrics as well, doubly so. Having not just a quarter inch of bottom fabric under the pressure foot but an inch or more gives so much more stability and straightness when stitching. Cheers Jenny

  4. Dear Jenny

    Your LE is looking stunning. The gold looks warm and makes your quilt pop! Nothing like a Zinger fabric in a quilt. I am almost finished with Part 2. LOL, I have a long way to go. Thank you for the inspiration and the motivation to carry on. This is one intense quilt, I need the distraction at the moment, so it has to be gripping.

    1. Hi Maggie, thanks for your comment re the gold fabric. I had concerns about my choice since I started these borders because my main colours were blues /purples and pinks but it did need the gold.
      Yes LE is an intense quilt, I have had a years break from her but now my motivation to finish my LE is back. Even so for me these last borders are very repetitive so adding my completed border to my top at this stage is part of motivating myself to keep stitching.
      Ros who has just finished her amazing LE said it's like an elephant, you can only consume it one bite at a time so carry on and enjoy every bite. Cheers jenny

  5. Oh Jenny it's looking fabulous. Your work is beautiful. I am slowly plugging along on mine. Had visitor for the past week and did not get any stitching done. It's hard to not be out an about on beautiful days. So my stitching has suffered. It won't be Lon and winter will be here so lots of time then to stitch.
    Hugs Bunny

  6. Oh your LE is superb and the gold swags just zing! I know how difficult these little choices are, but they are so important, you made the right choice. Love seeing your progress Jenny, you've achieved so much and it's looking so beautiful, well done.