Thursday, 3 April 2014

Work on wednesday 2nd April

Hi Everyone,
Yes it's April already and this afternoon I don't feel like sewing.
Last week I finished my 3rd border of Love Entwined so the time came when I could start adding my borders. Yes I should have waited until I finish my 4th but - like a child with a new toy - I had to play!!!!!

LE no  longer fits on my design wall but is pinned to the blank wall behind my machine, Wow it is growing!!
My side border is stitched along with my top border to within 2 inches of the edge of my center, bottom border only pinned in place. My DH will complain when he see's this as I am pinning into the wall and creating more work for him to repair  next year when we renovate this end of the house.

So what am I doing today?
We have another new to us computer, this time only 4 years old and it is working perfectly, OH what a change from all the problems of the last few months and how fast it works.
Steve does not want me to upload all my old files as they are mainly photo's so am learning how to work from my memory stick, plus with our computer crashes I  lost heaps of photo's from years ago that had not been backed up.
Feeling very nostalgic after taking photo's the other week of our very slow growing Cycads and Cordyline's - Roti's as I know them- outside my sewing room ( our token garden to our time in the Islands ) I decided  to try and find photo's of the home and garden we built in Rarotonga during our time there. 2000- 2006
I knew our home was now a Holiday Rental so after a google search I found it and how the gardens we planted  have grown. Escape to Muri Lodge the sub tropical paradise we built in Rarotonga.

Steve built the pool himself and created the rock feature in the far corner which when turned on creates 
the most wonderful waterfall into the pool. Can still remember the hours I spent grouting all those tiles both in the pool and out of it.!!!!   Grand old lady cycad towering in the background, they don't grow like that in  New Zealand.

The shrubs in the walkway are Gardenia's I grew from from a posy I was given, they rooted in the vase so I planted them and look at them now, their scent must be wonderful when they flower.

Pygmy date palm in front left corner, how I hated the task of pruning away it's spiky lower leaves when it was small.  WOW our Cordylines have grown at the far end of the pool. This photo must be earlier from the height of the Gardenia's and the sun shades over the pool in the photo above.

Not sure who these girls are but they seem happy enjoying our 3/4 acre garden. The planting behind them was we thought well established at about 6-8 feet  high when we left,  but look at it now.
My nostalgia is over, our former home is obviously being lovingly cared for and I am happy.

So Thursday morning I am back in my sewing room well aware that tomorrow I go back to work for 4 days and I really want to be caught up with my LE before the 15th and the start of the next VERY intensive borders. OH yes I keep studying Esther's drawings of LE  and this next border is going to be a marathon.
I have stitched half my last border including my vase and have just fused the second half in place so I can stitch whenever I have time. Had to pin it it in place to see if my corners will match.

They do and I am so happy with how it is looking. I will have a problem with the last two corner blocks because my bottom pixie's area quarter inch off but will deal with that on my next days off as I do my corner's.
Tuesday, my day was made when this fabric arrived from Glenda.
Glenda had sent some of this fabric to me just before a cyclone  hit her area, unfortunately it has never arrived  but her second posting arrived within 10 days.

 Colors are perfect and I am hoping I can incorporate  it into the next border. Thank you so much Glenda, I love it.
I don't feel like stitching right now so am going back to contemplate my next problem. I never thought I would want to go so far with Love Entwined. The center was all I was going to make, BUT I can't stop!!!!
Like everyone I have been caught up in the magic of this Marriage Coverlet.
My problem is I only have enough background fabric for one more border, either the next or the one following. I am wondering about using my narrow border fabric as the background fabric for my next border, quilting friends have said it won't work as will be too busy but am off now to cut the border lengths and see how I feel about them. Otherwise I will be searching the net for fabric
Cheers Everyone, enjoy your stitching time.


  1. Hi Jenny your Love Entwine looks stunning, I'm so looking forward to been at that stage and seeing what mine will look like then. Your home in Rarotonga looks lovely, we did some thing similar to a wee home in a village we rented on Tonga. Our paths have taken similar turns quiet often haven't they. WHen we lived on Rarotonga we lived in a wee house right on the beach, I could walk out my front door and walk 20 paces and sit on a coconut tree that hung over the sea or just walk in to the sea. That place was heaven to me. Cheers Glenda

  2. Your Love Entangle quilt is beautiful!!!