Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Work on Wed 19th March

Hi Everyone,

Cyclone Lusi passed us by last weekend with some strong winds and some welcome rain. I had to work on Saturday and it was one of the quietest days we have ever had. Would have loved to have been at home sewing but I probably wouldn't have as we had had a power cut overnight and I would have been worried of another with power on to my machine.
Our internet server went down as well so it was Sunday night before I could download the corner blocks for Love Entwined. Some of Esther's group have had problems downloading but even with my older versions of programs I have never had a problem, I always save each month to my Love Entwined file and open and print from there, maybe that is why.
I worked Monday but Tuesday Morning I was up early and straight into my sewing room.
By 2pm my first two block centers were done.

I cut my blocks at 11 inches square, the pencil line is my cutting line not my seam line.
The last piece of the green from my borders was just big enough for all my dark leaves in my 4 blocks, thank goodness as I had saved it for use in these corners. A bronze fabric from my curtain samples has now been introduced  for my other leaves, This block lent itself to flowers from one of my inspiration fabrics and I love how it looks. Top flower not fully fused as I need to put my blue fabric under it for the inner corner.

Again my dark pink is not fully fused  but the rest is stitched. I wanted a touch of my inspiration fabrics and those little leaves seemed the ideal place.
The larger leaves have been a real pleasure to stitch after all the tiny elements of the border, I am sure those who are hand stitching will enjoy these leaves as well.
I just had to carry on today with these blocks and attach them to my completed top border

Red line would be my cutting line for my border but I do not cut off my excess yet.
I have cut my corner block on this edge along my cutting line and the line in gold is my quarter inch stitching line drawn on wrong side of fabric.
I align my raw edge of block with the red line and using my walking foot to travel over the underneath applique stitch along my gold line. Turn and have a look.

Happy with my stitching I trim my excess border fabric away from underneath.

The opposite corner, prepared the same way and with my "Pixies" in place and my blue corner piece added
I won't stitch the bottom Pixie of the side border or my blue corner until my side border is in place - just in case!!!! I love these calm corners Esther, Thank you so much for Love Entwined.
Enjoy your sewing everyone,


  1. Great wee tutorial Jenny on joining those corners and border many thanks for sharing I know it will help me when I get there. . Your LE borders are looking so so lovely. Cheers Glenda

  2. G'day Jenny,
    Your LE is certainly looking beautiful (as usual)... I could almost be tempted to make one myself!
    Glad to her you were not blown away with 'Lusi' and just received the needed rain.
    Cheers Wendy.

  3. Your LE is looking FABULOUS! Glad that Lusi didn't damage you and that you've been able to get on with your stitching!

  4. Loving seeing the progress on your LE. I am just banking the BOM's to my hard drive due to too many other things on the go. BTW I am a fellow Kiwi!

  5. Well Jenny you've done this beautifully, I think it looks stunning. I really like the fabrics your have used, it slots right in.

    I'm so pleased that you weren't touched by the cyclone. As for the group files, I think they just get overwhelmed on upload days? Yahoo can't cope when everyone goes to download it within a few hours? As it always resolves itself, its all I can imagine it being.