Thursday, 17 April 2014

Work on Wednesday16th April

Hi Everyone,
I think you all know by now that my blog is mainly dedicated to my work with Esther Aliu's  BOM group plus occassional bits about my life and what is happening around me.
I finished the stitching on my Love Entwined borders Tuesday morning and was competely up to date before part 11 was released

I am over the moon with how my borders have come together. Esther your measurements have been so exact and my zig zag  borders fitted perfectly.
My Hiccup with the bottom Pixies is barely noticeaable - at this stage - they are a quarter inch in from where they should be but so far so good.

Now for my decisions. I was NEVER going to make the complete Love Entwined Coverlet so didn't worry that I hadn't bought enough background fabric. I did buy all they had and had planned to use excess for other projects as I love its look.
Now that I want to complete LE I only have enough left for the last applique border so part 11 and 12 need a variation.

I am planning to use my narrow border fabric as my background for these borders but have no idea if it will work or not.
Have cut one border from across the fabric width, it has a cross grain line that shows as a faint stripe so with two joined strips I have enough length to mitre the corners same as my narrow border and keep the flow of the fabricm around the border.
These are my first audition fabrics for the oval braids. Have already decided my angels will be the light and dark blue of my zig zag borders. I feel the purple is right but the other is too dark so will have a look when I go to buy more fusible this morning. The dark may now become  my willow tree in the corners.

Am I happy or not. This taffeta fabric is the exact same fabric I used in my compass.  It is a gold shot with pink and I didn't think I would find it again. We have a Fabric Barn in Whangarei where I purchase most of my non traditional materials and hidden amongst rolls of taffeta's I stumbled on it. This was a huge WOW for me.

Braids and angels fused in place but no stitching. So far I am happy but my Angels are blending into the background, think it is the gold overlayon the fabric, they are not the main feature I so am continuing.

This photo shows that faint grain stripe I was talking about, which is why I want to mitre my corners.
Stitching started and my ovals are working and being nicely defined. The gold overlay on my Blues is definately making them merge into the background but I do not want to introduce more fabrics.

Not pinned against the correct border but if the camera doesn't lie too much, I think it might just work.
My fingers are crossed as once this border has all its's applique I will know, but not until then.
Would love to hear what you think.

Now too link with Esther,

But a PS for Glenda,
Have had strong winds and heavy rain overnight and through this morning, the tail end of Ita as a tropical low came to visit us and joined up with another low to give us a very wild and windy night. No damage and it has now carried on South


  1. Jenny I think it looks amazing it blends very well and your angels are beautiful.
    Great work love all your colours. Makes it all so interesting.

  2. This is so fabulous, Jenny! Your ideas are right on. And the new border is so right!

  3. Hi Jenny to me it looks like you had planned this all a long, it's perfect, the over all view as I saw it before reading your thoughts was WOWWW how beautiful and cleaver using the first border for the following border. I don't think your angles blend in too much at all, they are not the focal point of the border to me, they are just there in the back ground looking after every thing!!!! This is a magical quilt Jenny and it is talking to you every step of the way. Glenda

  4. PS I have a sinking feeling I'm not going to have enough back ground fabric too jenny as my silk has shrunk soooo much!!!!!! It is a crepe, my centre has ended up over and 1' shorter and I will have to make up the difference in the first border some how. Cheers Glenda

  5. Jenny - I am so glad you are continuing on - you are an inspiration to me. I love your work

  6. Your quilt is stunning,

  7. Jenny your quilt is looking marvelous - one day I will get back to work on mine and I will be inspired by all of the Love Entwines that I will see finished - I just decided I had to finish an applique quilt that I had already started - it is too hard to work on two major applique quilts at one time.

  8. Jenny - your quilt is beautiful... I also used to live in Christchurch... but for the last 12 years in The Netherlands. Keep up the good work