Thursday, 6 March 2014

Work In Progress 5th March

Hi Everyone,
Of course my work in progress is still my Love Entwined.
Work has been busy and my alarm clock hasn't been working properly so I have been sleeping in - NO sewing time before I have to leave in the morning - so progress has been slow.
Then, Sunday morning I ran out of my metallic thread, thought I had plenty on my backup reel but obviously I had used more than I thought. LOL
Phone call on Monday to my local quilting shop. Sorry, out of stock but we can have some for you later in the week!!!  So I have just been planning, fusing and cutting for the last two days.
Last week after starting the second borders, I felt my first borders were not quite right.

Have added extra hearts around my end medallions, which fills in the design, and my flowers each side of the vase are now stitched. Still thinking about adding Esther's extra circles by the Oak leaves, with the extra hearts I think I need them after all.

Second border is taking shape. I completed a lot of the stitching and have now been working on my vase.
It is the fact that this border is looking much fuller with the applique that made me revisit my first borders.

Only the main stems are stitched at this stage. It is brighter and bolder than my first border vases but it seems to be what this border needs.

Very happy now with how my borders are looking and I have plenty of stitching to do when I get my thread.
Now to link with Esther', WOW before heading to work.
Cheers everyone, Jenny


  1. Wonderful progress Jenny and I do like those little heart additions too. Just love your colours, just been looking and studying your compass again in the last photo it is just beautiful. Cheers Glenda

  2. Hi Jenny, look at you! Your LE is progressing so beautifully, you're a star BOMer! I really love the fabrics you have opted for here, it just works so well. Thank you for sharing it with us all, I know there are many of us who'll appreciate all the more when we get to this point ourselves! Your work is stunning, as always.

  3. Thanks Glenda for your comment, especially about my compass. When I made my compass I had no idea what my LE was going to be like. It was only when I found my compass center fabric that I also found my inspiration for LE. My compass was made from scraps and none of the fabrics in the compass have been used again, but they gave me my direction, LOL. Cheers Jenny

  4. Hi Esther, Thank you so much for your comment. It means a lot to me that you are liking my version. I was one who was going to stop with the center, but now I just can't!!! Each part is asking me what can I do with it and I know the next borders will be just the same, and the ones after that.
    I also have the Dargaville quilting group I belong to avidly following my progress and saying we must have this for our next exhibition in 2015.
    Well Hopefully!!!, Jenny

  5. Jenny I have been away for 2 1/2 weeks on vacation. Your LE is most spectacular I am so far behind and almost wish I had decided to machine stich mine but it would never be as wonderful as your. You are an Inspiration to many and especially me.