Wednesday, 26 February 2014

WOW 26th Feb, up and running

Hi Everyone,
Finally, I can access my blog again and hopefully upload some photo's.
Computer problems started a couple of weeks ago after Glenda letting me know I  may have been hacked.
I had had 2 messages from Yahoo saying they had noticed unauthorized attempts to access my yahoo account  from the US, the first said to please change my password which I ignored, Lol
The second locked me out of Yahoo until I changed my password, which of course I then did.
A few days later, Glenda's message and another change of password.
Next Day, our computer crashed!! Coincidence or not I don't know, but it had been working fine up until my last password change. Just maybe those messages were not from Yahoo after all!!!!
Anyway, Steve had bought a second hand laptop to set up for me in my sewing room, so no problem, we would just use that one.
However discovered it was running a very early version of XP so we had to find a service pack to update it as it could not download either Google chrome or Firefox.
Even with service pack 3 installed, Google ran so slow and would crash just after it finished loading a page, lack of virtual memory which I have now increased, it is working better unless I try and look too far back on any page and then it runs out of memory again and closes.
As I am not very computer literate trying to fix these problems really slowed down my progress on Love Entwined but with Steve working  it was up to me if  I wanted to visit the group.

I managed to download Part 9 of LE between problems and just had to make a start even though my second part 8 border is only half finished.
I was going to use the same green fabric for the Oak Leaves in this border as I had used in the first borders, until - whoops I need 16 of them and I don't have enough fabric as this is one of my curtain samples and I want some for the corner blocks as well, that was the first rethink.
So this is what I came up with.

Just enough green to carry  through into these borders and leave me some for the corner blocks plus a more open motif from my inspiration fabric.
The second problem I nearly had was my dark clogs. I sailed ahead and traced the 24 I needed for these two borders onto my fusible with room for easy cutting and yes it fitted onto my fabric, again a curtain sample so not able to get any more!!! Pressed my fusible on and at the last minute before I starting cutting, lightning struck - HOW MANY do I need for the corner blocks? OOPS 4 per block that's 16, no way do I have enough fabric with how I had traced my 24.
So I cut another piece of fusible to the size of my fabric and traced  in any direction, however I could fit them in as I needed 40 in total.

Just made it, 42 so have 2 to spare in case of too hot an iron. This fabric is synthetic so grain is not an issue, once it's fused it just sets and has little fraying.

The next thing before I go too far is to see if my borders will work together.

I think they do but I sort of wish I had been further behind and could have worked on both borders at once.
Remember that all of you who are late starters, you have a big advantage as you know what comes next!!!
I am glad I didn't rush in and add the flowers each side of the first vases as I now know what colors they should be and yes they are needed.

Added these this morning and yes much better I think. Never would have used these colors if I had done them earlier.
My medallions at each end of the first borders I now wish I had cut apart and made more open but it may only need an addition not an unpick, only time will tell.

Now to see if I can link to Esther's WOW this this.
Happy stitching everyone, Cheers Jenny


  1. What amazing work, Jenny. And you have already made so much progress on part 9.

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful work.

  2. It looks incredible Jenny, I love the colours you have chosen.

  3. Oh Jenny how lovely, and it's nice to have you back with us again, we missed you last week. Your borders are looking so lovely they are so soft and feminine. You are such an inspiration to us all. Cheers Glenda