Wednesday, 28 August 2013

WOW 28st AUG

Hi Everyone,
Back at work last week, we have a new manager and it is all very different so have been enjoying my 3 days off and playing with Part 4 of LE.
No, I don't have an advance look,  I printed the color photo of the center as reference at the very beginning of LE  and many years ago my DH taught me how to use a scale rule for designing our house.
For the corner hearts and flowers I want to use my inspiration fabric, maybe for the last time as I am not sure how it will work in the borders to come.
So here is how I judged my sizes, size is all I need as this Broderie perse applique will not match Esther's pattern. but the size needs to be similar or slightly smaller.

Scale rule across a heart circle on printout of photo.

Scale rule across the pattern of hearts circle
Simple division to find a multiplication factor

Scale rule measurement of the small hearts, multiplied by my factor gives me my small heart size within a circle, one drawn for checking, one cut out for positioning. The 1.6 x 2 is my blanket stitch setting after stitching a practice heart

My Medallion of choice fused to steam a seam, have already used the center of this medallion as my flowers around the compass.

Hearts fussy cut and left with an 8 point flower which I thought would be perfect but it is too big!!
Fussy cut just the petals and they are slightly small but with 6 petals instead of the patterns 4
Yes I can use my inspiration fabric for the corners.

I again used the scale rule to ensure I have the same space for the vases as in the photo.
This photo is also showing how the pink in my background fabric is coming to life.

With everything fused in place I am very happy with the continuation of blue's around the outer edge.
So today I can start stitching.
One last photo, my inspiration fabric.

Hmmm don't seem to have as much damage as I thought.

Will be taking my LE to Christchurch next month to show my Mum and other quilting friends.
Back at work tomorrow for the rest of the week.

Enjoy your Wednesday everyone, whatever you are doing.
Cheers Jenny


  1. Jenny, This is just amazing, really beautiful. Joyce in Princeton

  2. just found you Jenny from the comment you left me :) wonderful quilt - now I remember which person you are :) LOL hard to keep track with as many people as we have in our group. I have now marked your blog and added it to my reader!

  3. Oh Jenny you are jumping the gate but it sure looks beautiful. How proud your mum will be when she sees your LE. I hope it is not going to be to sad for you when you see all the damage that has happened in CH CH. Hugs Glenda

  4. Hi Jenny, your LE becomes more interesting by the day! She/he is a real beauty and I am so curious what your next addition will be! Regards, Auckje

  5. Your quilt is looking really nice. I love the colors and the little touches you've used to make it unique!

  6. Wow the work you are putting into this and it is beautiful.

  7. Your LE looks great. Love your choice of fabrics

  8. Hello Jenny from another quilting Jenny (but at the other end of the country!) I 'discovered' you on the Quilting Gallery vote this week (LOVE your Black Stump quilt!) This is going to look awesome too, I will be following to see how it turns out!
    Have a good weekend!