Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Work on Wed 14th Aug

Hi Everyone,

Having a weeks holiday to help out at my quilting groups exhibition on a couple of days.
Monday was set up day so an early start to be in Dargaville by 9am. Some torrential rain showers and wonderful rainbows on the way.
My DH came with me to provide some much needed manpower as there was only one other male to help throughout the day. Hiis handyman skills became much appreciated as the day progressed as some stands needed altering for special quilts.
4 of  Esther's designs that I have made are on display, with acknowledgement on each to Esther for her beautiful design.

Peaceful Forget Me Not

Retro Forget Me Not

Cherry Thieves and Pomegranate

Following are a few other quilts from the exhibition. I have permission from each quilter to show these on my blog. There are others I would like to show you but don't have permission yet, hope to get that on Thursday. I don't have the quilt names so am acknowledging the quilter.

Tonia Nyboer
Hand Pieced and Hand Quilted

June Horobin
Using Vietnamese silks on the left ,and wonderful 3D flowers at right

John Nielson
John is a highly talented professional long arm quilter who does so much for our group
John was the other male helping with set up.

Tina Jensen

Val Woods

Jenny McDermott

Domestic Bliss
Set up just about complete. Our theme is domestic bliss and these aprons were made by the group and the pockets will take entries into various raffles. All proceeds donated to charities within Northland.
Only award to quilters is the viewers choice.
My personal favorite I hope to have permission to show you next week, it is a stunner!!!

That's it for this week,  I am back in Dargaville tomorrow so won't be able to view part 3 of LE until I get home, sure got my volunteer day wrong Lol
Lastly a huge thank you and hugs to Anne Marieke for helping me get Esther's LE button onto my blog.
Enjoy whatever you are doing today.
Cheers everyone Jenny


  1. fabulous, what a talented group of quilters you belong to, including you!

  2. Dear Jenny your quilts look lovely what a credit to you, I have enjoyed seeing the other quilts to, I keep looking at Val Woods it is stunning. Hugs Glenda

  3. What lovely quilts!! You did a really great job on them!! Thank you for showing the others as well.

  4. Thanks so much for giving us this quilt show. You and the others are so very talented. Hugs to you, Pat

  5. Great pictures! Love the second quilt the most.

  6. So stunning Jenny, I am taken aback at how good your quilts look and not forgetting that you made two! Each is beautiful in it's own way and yet so different, and of course I love your Cherry Thieves and Pomegranate too. WOW