Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Work on Wed 1st May

Have had 4 days off so have been making slow but steady progress quilting my FMN.
Ditch stitched all the blocks including the block trim. Decided just to echo stitch around the frames to give mitered corners similar to a wooden picture frame.

With 2 blocks done I was happy but there had been some unpicking as I came to terms with maneuvering the bulk of fabric around, this has got less with practice thank goodness.
I measured my frame width before I started and after stitching a sample discovered that by offsetting my needle as far as possible, my walking foot gave me an almost perfect guide for 5 rows of stitching

I marked my mitered corner with chalk and started at the outside. For 1st 3 rows the outer edge of my walking foot guides me. The last two rows I use the inner edge as I know that is straight and an uneveness shows more against a straight edge. My DH has always said the eye can only take in so much at one time.
Now with 8 Blocks stitched I am  thrilled with how the Blocks themselves are popping out of the fabric.

The middle 2 that I was so worried  about  were the easiest of the lot, the even spread of fabric around me  was a pleasure to work with LOL
Don't think I will be edge stitching all my applique but will just look at each block and see where some stitching will enhance the overall lift.

Many thanks to everyone that voted for my Lilies Wall hanging, I came 3rd  in the viewers choice and I was so thrilled with there being 67 wonderful entries.
It is like being able to visit a gallery of quilts based on a theme so once again I am putting up an entry this week - The theme is applique and possibly the only theme this year that will allow me to show my Oriental Expressions, so here is a detailed preview for those who are new visiting my blog,
Apologies to those who may have seen this before.

Held up by 3 girls from my quilting group it is 77 x 78 inches and once our bedroom is redecorated it will take pride of place on our bed - but not to sleep under LOL
This is probably the most difficult quilt I have attempted. Although the applique is relatively simple there were so many different elements, foundation piecing the great wall around the center, 33 different fabrics all charm squares from Trademe, and working out how to do my calligraphy blocks - not part of the original pattern by Yvonne Morris  over 3 issues of APQ magazine. I tried reverse applique but my gold satin fabric shredded at the edges so I went back to traditional raw edge applique.
The blocks read clockwise from top left Happiness, Peace, Dream, Love, what more can anyone want!!!
The block backgrounds are all fairy frost fabric's, the burgundy borders are Satin and also Burgundy Satin with a black/gold mesh overlay for the sashes.

The fans are backed with gold satin and hang free from the sides of the quilt.

The Kimono's are fabric Origami and this took several practice folds to get right
the Blue border fabric is an oriental brocade of my mother's and this fabric is what inspired me to make the quilt.
Again I give huge thanks to John Neilsen for his outstanding custom quilting for me.
I would love you to vote for me - not for me to win - just to show you like my work.


  1. amazing work! So beautiful!

  2. They are both so beautiful! I'm voting for you again.

  3. Wowwwww Jenny both so beautiful. I especially like the way you added those side fans, you sure have a talent where art comes in to your quilts. Hugs Glenda

  4. WOWWWWW Jenny I'm speechless.... both are so gorgeous, but the one with the fans and Kimonos is very special - I love it.

  5. Wow Jenny it is soooo beautiful and I can see sooo much wonderful creative work.

  6. Wow you're really getting things done! Your FMN is stunning and I love your quilting choice on the frames. The kimono quilt is so creative, it's all super beautiful

  7. I love the way you did the frames on the FMK blocks that is a great idea!

  8. Jenny this is a truly beautiful quilt. I have never thought of using satin in a quilt. It must look quite regal.

  9. That is a fabulous Oriental Expressions quilt, Jenny! The FMN is going to be the same.