Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Tuesday 7th May

Hi Everyone,
This is Work on Tuesday as it is raining today and Wed is  meant to be fine and I need to get outside for garden cleanup before winter really sets in.

I have just finished stitching my frames on Forget Me Not.
I smiled a lot to myself while I was manipulating the fabric around my machine. How careful I was handling these blocks when I made them - and here I was hold, pull, push without  any regard for the blocks themselves. They survived it all LOL

It was only when I had to find somewhere to hang it to take a photo,  the true size of this "wall hanging" became real to me. And I have 2 of them!!!!

I like the effect of my stitching on the frames but what to do next I am not sure.
My Bernina has a computerized stitch regulator foot for free motion, I have used it before but not on anything this size. Will have a playf or a while and see if  I become confident enough to make a start as Esther's new BOM's are starting soon and I don't want this to become a UFO, plus there is the second top as well.

To other things in my quilting week.
My Oriental Expressions came mid field in the Quilting Gallery show and tell and I am  happy as there were some wonderful quilts on show last week.

This week I would love to do better though
Not for me, but for my Mum.
This weeks theme at quilting gallery.com is Quilts for Mom and my Mum so loves her Peaceful Pathways Lap Quilt that I made from Esther's quilt pattern of the same name.

I am filling the rest of my Blog this week with closeups of what my Mum thinks is the most beautiful quilt I have ever made. Happy Mother's Day Mum - I Love You!!!

This is the Center Portion of Esther Aliu's Beautiful Peaceful Pathways Design for her BOM group.
My Mum is 93 and moved to a rest home when she lost her mobility 2 years ago.
As I live in Whangarei and she is in Christchurch I really wanted to send her a little bit of me to be with her.  She has 4 sons but I am her only daughter and though we talk every day I only see her about once a year.
The name of Esther's design called out to me and said just add her favorite flowers and it will be just for her.
Mum was always a keen gardener and embroiderer and this is a peaceful walk through her garden.

In this block the Iris and the Butterfly are from Mum's Embroidery pattern's

In this block it is the Waterlily and the Bridge and Willow Tree.

In this block Mum's pattern's gave me the Peony and the Bird with Cherry Blossom.

And in this block Esther's Waltzing Pink came to life.

All I can add is Thank You Esther for giving me a wonderful background for a quilt my Mum Loves.

Please visit quiltinggallery.com and vote for me and Mum's Peaceful Pathway's
The link is on my sidebar.

Cheers Everyone


  1. I really like both quilts they came out great! you should be very proud

  2. The quilts are so lovely!! I like the colors you used for them both!!

  3. Your work is fantastic and will vote for you. I forgot last week I had a quilt to add not sure I will have one this time or not. I do for the memorial week. Hugs and good luck. Bunny

  4. wow, some great quilts you show here!

  5. Such a lovely lovely quilt you made for your mum full of her memories; I never get tired of looking at the blocks in it. Your Forgetmenot looks Hugh but oh so so beautiful too. Cheers Glenda

  6. I voted for your quilt! I wanted to see some closeups but your blog address at Quilting Gallery is wrong! Fortunately I was able to find you through a Google search. I love the quilt, the embroidery (especially the cherry tree and the bridge) and the story that goes with the quilt. I have a good mother too (mine is almost 93) and it is wonderful to be able to do nice things for these wonderful ladies!