Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Flower Gardens Show and Tell

Hi Everyone, and a special welcome to those who have found my Blog through the Quilting Gallery website.
I have spelt my blog address correctly this week after leaving out the l in blog last week LOL.
Thanks  Karen for letting me know, and thanks everyone who voted for Mum's special quilt Peaceful Pathways. Mum is so thrilled it won but says she always knew it would!!!

Thanks for wanting to view closeups of my entry this week.

Forget Me Not is a now finished 12 month BOM for Esther Aliu's  group.

Two blocks were released each month and we had the choice of which one to make.
I, like a couple of others made all 24 blocks so we have 2 beautiful wall hangings.
This one is my peaceful version, the block backgrounds are a semi sheer curtain fabric which I stabilised with iron on interfacing to keep the stripes straight and the trims are satin also stabilised with interfacing.
the "wallpaper" background is a fabric of my late Aunt's circa 70's / 80's

I am a beginner at FMQ and this has been my first attempt at a quilt this size so I kept it as simple as I could.
Here are closeups of my blocks. I have not done any quilting within the blocks themselves at this stage as my flowers were all padded before being machine appliqued and the blocks have "popped" beautifully from the frames and may not need anything extra.




Bleeding Hearts and Daisies


Forget Me Not


Pansies and Violets



Morning Glory

Wild Rose and Lilac

Have just added my binding, same fabric as frames, still to be hand stitched.

This quilt has been a joy to make and I would so love your vote

For those who might be wondering about my second set of blocks, I wanted a quite different feel and went for a retro 70's  in your face quilt. Again my late Aunt's background fabric was my inspiration.

I am about to start the quilting on this one.
These 12  flowers are  Calla Lily, Hibiscus, Banksia, Columbine, Scotch Thistle, Tulip, Sunflower, Poppy,
Sweet Pea, Jacob's Ladder, Crown of Thorns and Daffodil.

The patterns for these blocks are available for purchase at
Block sets are available at the moment, but in a few weeks you will be able to purchase the entire pattern set.

Cheer's Everyone, enjoy your day whatever you might be doing and please remember to vote.


  1. Fantastic work Jenny - Well done!! Cheers Wendy

  2. I really the way your quilt turned out its very pretty :-)

  3. Sorry for the type O still trying to type on a table instead of my labtop lol

  4. They both came out really really nice!!

  5. Gorgeous work! I'm still amazed that you managed not one but TWO Forget Me Not quilts. Pfew!

    Lovely to see all the individual blocks.

  6. Love your frames! The second quilt is just as beautiful. I haven't gotten near as far but will remember your frames because the look is spectacular.