Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Work on Wed 24th April

Another couple of weeks since I last  posted, how they are flying by.
I worked 8 days out of  9 but have just had 5 days off so my Forget Me Not got bundled to the side of my work table while I quilted my Pomegranate wall hanging, it's no longer a WIP

I am so happy with the result as I am really only confident with in the ditch and straight line quilting.
Think this half way to free motion might be the answer for my blue FMN sashings as the flowers are also very individual.
I sewed on my binding this morning, with straight joining seams I had a three inch overlap at the end, Yeah.
Now to hand stitch it down, my thumbs hate this part.

Visited this morning and this week's show and tell is wall hangings, I thought great and  put up my Adrienne Walker design Wild Lilies from a few years ago.
Please visit the site and vote for me if you would like to.

Thought afterwards, stupid girl - why not show Esther's Pomegranate, too late now for me but Bunny you might like to step in and show another Esther design.

No quilting this afternoon, I have been relaxing instead and treating myself to some much needed nail care as my DH came home with this beautiful pack for me yesterday.

He got cornered in Glenfield mall in Auckland, the salesperson used it on him and he was impressed by the results.
As it was buy one get one free I now have two packs. My nails have never looked as good in years.
I am not a nail polish person but have strong nails that grow long very rapidly.
It says it contains mineral product from the Dead Sea, all I know is my ridges have gone and they now shine like they have a coat of clear nail polish.
Back at work tomorrow afternoon, Anzac day here so we open at 1pm, wonder if they will notice my beautiful nails.
Till next time,
Cheers Jenny


  1. Great to see another Pomegranate - beautiful! Amazing lilies too!

  2. Love your Lillie's Jenny and yes I added my Blue Pomegranates to Quiltgallery LOL.
    I love your Red Pomegranate you did an amazing job on it.

  3. PS I need some nail therapy too.

  4. your quilts look real good!! Love the colors on them.

  5. I just voted for your beautiful quilt , just gorgeous!!