Sunday, 5 August 2012

Runner Technique

It has been a cold miserable couple of days so my sewing room is getting lots of use.
Thought I would show how I made my table runner without piecing my curves.

Pattern on the left, transferred to my base fabric.
Have transferred the patter far darker than I would use so it showed up.
I have marke my outside edges with arrows, and identified which colour goes where on my pattern

Am out of freezer paper so cut up my original pattern to use as templates.
They are placed right side up on the right side of my fabrics.
Cut out with a generous quarter inch allowance and
extra on the outside arrowed edges.

Biggest decision is determining the layering sequence. For this the purple is the fabric which will be under all surrounding fabrics so I have basted into place. Basting will be removed after the first overlapping piece is sewn down on each piece.
Used the pattern template reversed as shown at bottom to press the overlapping edge under.
The other edges will be underlaps so are left unpressed.
Pin into place and sew with stitch and thread of choice.
Mine is matching thread very asmall zigzag .9 x .9 on my Bernina, it just catches the fabric and is nearly invisible. but you could use monofilament - but I don't like it.

All my fabrics that overlap the purple and have underlaps  as well are now sewn down.
Basting is gone and fabric edges have been trimmed so that they don't extend too far and show through.
Peice 10 is next to go on as it will underlap piece 11. It overlaps fabrics on either side so both edges are pressed under.

Piece 11 also pressed under on both overlaps.
After taking photo I realised I hadn't reversed fabric and template before pressing, but easily redone.

Here is my finished block with no pieced curves.

One last photo. a wall hanging I made several years ago using the original of this block.

I wish I knew who designed it to give them credit, but all I have is a working copy of the block pattern.
I call this wallhanging - tongue in cheek
Aliens Dancing at my Window.
You either love it or hate, I smile everytime I look at it!!!
It is made from synthetic silk Pareau's from my time in Rarotonga, plus my favorite black/gold mesh overlay makes an appearance once again. I hope I never run out of this fabric.

Cheers everyone, Jenny
PS please leave a comment, I love to hear from you.

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  1. Great great tutorial Jenny, just wish I had time to make one up before I go. I did some thing like this years ago after seeing a Ricky Tim demo and made a bag would you believe!!!!!!. I love doing these as they are like scribbles I did as a kid at school with pencil then coloured them in when I was bored with school work!!!!!!! Cheers Glenda