Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Work on Wednesday

This week has flown by. Worked Thursday to Sunday, just doing a little each day on my Magnolia Block for Esther's Forget Me Not BOM.

Made sure I didn't have flash for this photo and I think it is truer colours than the one I put on the group site.
Still convincing myself I have done this block justice, if there is one block I may redo this is it!!!
I LOVE the design but I ony LIKE my block.

Still convincing myself I have put my edging and frame fabric around it, and I am liking it more.

Yesterday when I stopped sewing for coffee I thought YES a photo for my blog that is not quilting, and ran for my camera, still there when I got back.

You can just see our native Tui in the branches of our neighbours rather old and straggly shrub.
His bell of white feathers on his throat stands out.
They are a very timid bird and we hear more of them than we see as their call is very distinctive, once you know it

Here he is taking the first spring nectar.
Think the shrub is some form of Leucodendren, that has grown tall and straggly.
We thought originally it was a Rhododendren from it's leaves, but the flowers are not, they are more like a Protea's. If anyone can tell me what it actually is please do so.
Whangarei has a lot of native bush  areas throughout the town as we are almost a city but not quite.
The Tui is the most prolific of our Native birds and the iridescent sheen on the black feathers along with their bell is truly beautiful. We have the Whangarei Falls, a nature reserve approx half mile from our house and the Tui's are there in numbers, finding us as the end of winter sends them searching for food.

This morning was finishing my Crown of Thorns block, and this I feel I have done justice too.
My DH comments are, why would Esther choose such an ugly plant, but your flowers do help it !!!

The other thing that happened this week is I came home to a light box for my sewing room.
No photo as everyone knows what they areand mine is rather rough but it works well.
 DH found a light socket, switch, thick glass and left overs from my cutting desk in the garage so surprised me with a lightbox.
I had been complaining while tracing my Bamboo pattern that it wasn't sticking to the window very well,
Winter damp!!!
The prevous week he raised my cutting bench and added 3 drawers so extra storage close at hand.

Please leave a comment if you view.
Cheers everyone Jenny


  1. Wow Jenny, I'm so impressed with all your blocks, especially given that you make both each month as well! You've really made your Magnolia block beautifully, it has a real appeal to it.

    Your Crown of Thorns is also superb: as for the block choice, your DH is so right, it's a confronting plant. But I believe even the most beautiful gardens need a few plants to remind us of the thorns in life...this BOM is my imaginary garden and the Crown of Thorns is a personal reminder of the balance needed to enhance the value of beauty.

    Ha ha, I love your three extra drawers, I think if I had three extra rooms I'd somehow manage to fill them up! I never seem to have enough space:)

  2. Wow, I'm completely in love with your magnolia block! Crown of Thorns looks good too!

  3. That magnolia block is gorgeous, Jenny! But I know how it is when the person who made it is not entirely happy with it.

    Your husband is a gem! You are a very lucky lady.

    I love reading your blog. You always have interesting bits of information.

  4. Your blocks always inspire me for sure and your work is just gorgeous. What a cute little bird nice to see what hangs out in your neighbourhood.

  5. wow! I think your magnolia block is fantastic!
    how sweet of your DH to surprise you with a lightbox :)