Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Work On Wednesday

I'm working today but thought I would show you a small creation from two weeks ago.
Steve did some wall papering for an slightly older lady 70ish and this is what she chose.
I think a WOW Black on Black.

He also brought home an offcut of the wallpaper saying he might make it into a background, then frame it for my wedding present to him 12 years ago, which still hangs on our lounge wall. 
Photo shows it on the background he painted for it when we lived in Rarotonga.
It is a cast peweter /  resin sculpture  that I bought for him on a buying trip to England while we were engaged.

The wording you can just see inscribed on the lower back, to us is so very special.
The wording is.

From this day forward, you shall not walk alone.
My arms will be your shelter, My heart will be your home.

I didn't even have to go and read it.
I can see the wallpaper setting it off beautifully, within a black timber frame.
I could also see - a tessalation pattern that goes on forever - and a table runner for our coffee table, when we redo our lounge.

Here it is, the wallpaper provided me a perfectly sized pattern.

With fabric constraints,  it had to come from what I had on hand so I went for a black/ bronze/silver combo.
The only cotton fabric is under the black/gold mesh overlay, and I DO NOT sew curved piecing!!!
I used to make my own clothes but today - Forget Curves - I don't sew them.
Instead I use a technique I found a couple of years ago called Applipiecing.
Steve was wowed at how it turned out!!!
Hope you like it.

PS. I posted my sewing room photo's on my blog site earlier in the week.
You will need to go in through Esthers Yahoo Group link if you want to view.
Cheers Jenny


  1. Wow, you made it much better than the walpaper - love the textures on the fabric!

  2. Well you certainly did a beautiful job with this. I have tried to dissect it but to no avail. I need to know how the heck you did that without sewing curves. Love Love it.

  3. Jenny I think this piece of Art is stunning, just love the way it flows and the fabrics you have used glow and swirl. Can see why Hubby was impressed. Way to go. Cheers Glenda