Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Work over Two Wednesdays

What a marathon to even access my blog this week, but finally I'm  up and running. 
Had problems uploading photo's last week and ran out of time to figure it out so left it.
Read about Esther's problem and thought - oh same problem as me so I downloaded Firefox, thinking all set for this week, but NO, couldn't even sign in to blogger, error kept saying redirecting and cannot complete.
Steve is away again this week so it was up to me to solve it and hopefully not crash the computer!!! 
Updated IE and set it back as default browser, yes I had access but NO I still couldn't  upload photo's.
Last resort, I am using Google Chrome as my browser and finally photo's Hooray!!

Last week we managed a day for ourselves, they don't come often at present.

This hidden paradise is well known in Whangarei, only 100 meters from our home as the crow flies.
We should go there more often, especially for the exercise as the first walkway is only a couple of hundred meters circular loop, down hill for one half and uphill the other - great for the calf muscles.

At the lowest point a bridge crosses this idyllic stream and looking back 

The Whangarei Falls

only 4km's from the center of town

on the climb back to the carpark you meet these ancient giants.

On Christmas Eve we sold our old car and bought a new "toy"
so it was Happy Christmas to us

Not brand new of course but we now have three of these Rover Tomcat's as they are nicknamed.
The first is Steve's restoration project, the second the "donor" and this,the one I will drive to work until the restoration is finished, then this  becomes Steve's and I get the red one sitting in the garage.
Think I am getting past a sports car - but!!

So after the Falls it was Steve's time to enjoy a 30 minute drive north to this gorgeous spot.
Church Bay, very secluded on the Tutukaka Coast, not suitable for holiday makers to camp so a lovely quiet place for a stroll on the beach.

Back home this Hibiscus is stiill in it's pot waiting for a home in the garden

This is the second of the old standard roses that Steve rescued now flowering happily in the garden

Flower's somwhat damaged by recent winds this magnificent Jacaranda is the view from our lounge.

And this week I have been making Esther's wonderful Forget me Not Block's

 This was a very fiddly block to make but I love how it finished up and seeing it now in a photo image of the framing fabric's I am very happy with it.

Much simpler in design, but how stunning it is in real life. this shows the centers beaded .
I have lost count of the layers in very center but I broke two needles and  my thumbs ached but it was worth it.
Cheers everyone, enjoy your Wednesday.


  1. Your photos are so nice and lush, since we are freezing here with -14 with wind chill of -24 and it is snowing. Love your blocks and am trying to figure out how Esther did those hang over petals. I am hand appliquéing this block as you know.

  2. I really love your photos! To be able to enjoy those scene's when ever you wanted!! So relaxing.
    Your Esther block has come out looking real pretty I am still trying to get caught back up!!

  3. I would love to have a view of a jacaranda. :) Your flowers are so beautiful. I really love your banner pic, too.