Wednesday, 29 November 2017

WOW 29th Nov Flowers Bloom is finished

Hi Everyone,
Not sure where the time has gone but a month since I last blogged. Spring weather has been good so have been spending time in the garden so not as much stitching has been done.
Having to think what I have done during the month.
Put the borders onto Red Delicious so another one joins the growing pile of those waiting to be quilted.

Very happy with how it looks, a pattern of Esther's that I have wanted to make for years nand it was so enjoyable to make.

OMWFB is now a finished quilt top as well. Block 4 was fun to do and went quickly as had my fabrics all picked and ready to go. Did remember to take photo's as I went.

 Chosen fabrics and testing a vase fabric using a template
Didn't work with the side vases like I had hoped.

Pieces for flower all cut out ready for assembly

Starting to build one layer at a time

All together and ready to stitch

Mettler variegated threads for all my stitching.
Did a round of triple stitch next to my blanket stitch around the center

Changed the size on an embroidery stitch I use a lot and use metallic thread to stitch the pistil around the center.

My bottom blocks together.
With this done it was time to decide my last two fabrics and put the top together.

These were what I chose. 
Tried several but these two worked together and added the little bit of bling that I so love.

On My Window Flowers Bloom
Love how it looks, had concerns my flowers in part 4 might have been too bold but my top vases are very strong colours and am happy with the balance the dark edges has brought.
Another for the must quilt pile.

Work on OMWFB stalled for a while when Part 10 of Secret Garden was released and it was time to put the center together. Was so pleased that what was pinned to my wall was the layout and even more pleased when it went together without a problem. Having reduced the pattern it was fingers crossed I was making the right calculations  especially when it came to final trimming.

It was at this stage that I seriously looked at block 1 again as have not been completely happy with the flower colours against those of the other blocks. Maybe not the colours so much as the actual fabrics I used, made up my mind and very carefully unpicked and replaced two of them.

Not a huge difference but a bit more depth and the fabrics I didn't like are gone. Now have to replace the bud over the vase as it needs to be dark. and think about adding more butterflies which is what I am doing this morning.

Linking now to Esther's WOW and back to my butterflies

Enjoy your week everyone

Cheers Jenny


  1. Oh Jenny, your work is so beautiful. I have been hand stitching all my blocks on Hearts Desire but think I need to start machine applique. Have you turned your edges on ONWFB before stitching? The subtle changes in your blocks does make a difference but both versions are stunning.

    1. Thanks Pieta, my applique is all raw edge, have problems with my thumbs so find trying to turn edges is just pure frustration.

  2. OMWFB ! Looks fantastic!
    Thanks for the inspiration and sharing your wonderful creative progress and result!
    take care,

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