Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Heart's Desire WOW 13th July

Hi Everyone,
Where have the last two weeks gone, I ran out of time to blog last week although have found time in the early mornings to visit most of the links to Esther's WOW, I really enjoy seeing what other quilters have been up to and reading about their quilting journeys.
On cold winter mornings my sewing room is the cosiest room in the house and I have been as usual spending most of my time there swopping between LE and Hearts Desire. Have nothing new to show of LE at present as I am still working my way around her borders. I did unpick the 2 rows of serpentine stitching on my mauve border as I had changed to a heavier thread and forgot to check my top tension, so ugly on the back as tension was far too loose. easy unpicking though as the bobbin thread just pulled out several inches at a time.
Have made good progress with Heart's Desire. My 70 something hearts were a nice size for stitching and the borders came together faster than I thought, again some unpicking as on my first border I stitched three facing in the wrong direction

First two borders.
I was so lucky to find a purple with gold splatter that is very similar to the fabric I used for my other purple hearts, Only needed 8 but my original fabric scrap would have only given me two at the most.
With borders on I am really pleased with how my "Ties that bind" vine has worked to finish my quilt top.

Borders Complete
Not as big as LE thank goodness but still the only place to hang it.
Had to trim my corner hearts by 1/4 inch to get them to fit my corners, now have four lovely outline hearts to keep safe for another project.

It was only when I was sewing my borders on I realised I had never checked how my corners would meet up or where my last vine hearts needed to be placed to allow for the mitre. Two corners my vine matched perfectly and the other two were slightly off so I definately needed my corner hearts. Only had to unpick and move one vine heart to get the room I needed.
Have most of my ditch stitching done and now ready to start quilting the blocks.
Have needed an easy project for when I just don't feel like pushing quilts through the machine so have used some of the excess backing fabric fom HD as background for a little christmas wall hanging.

Elegant Christmas Baubles designed by Ngaire Williams.
Just need some Christmas Red fabric now for a narrow border and binding.

That's all for this week, thanks for stopping by.
Cheers Jenny


  1. Oh, Jenny, your Hearts Desire quilt is magnificent! I have never attempted applique borders. I've worried about how I would get it all to line up just right. I used to think people appliqued the borders AFTER they were attached to the quilt, and wondered how you manage the hand stitching when you're going around a shape and you have an entire quilt top bunched up in your hand instead of just half a block!

  2. Oh how my heart sings when I see Hearts Desirer Jenny. Yours is magical, it catches my breath it is so so beautiful. Hugs Glenda

  3. Jenny, it's absolutely breathtaking! Glenda is right - it DOES make my heart sing!

  4. This is all looking so incredible, what a beauty!

  5. Way to go Jenny!!!!
    Fantastic to see it finally getting quilted - and with the extra borders.
    Looking forward to seeing the final reveal.
    Hugs Wendy.

  6. oh wow, gorgeous Hearts desire! Lovely christmas quilt too

  7. What a great choice of leaf fabric in your vase of flowers.