Friday, 30 January 2015

WOW Thursday 29th Jan

Hi Everyone,
Has been a quiet week for me sewing wise as DH wanted to make progress with our renovations.
Up until Saturday I could sew but that night was told pack up your machine, your sewing room is moving tomorrow while you are at work.
When I got home I was just in time to help as Steve had finished taking my table apart and it was ready to move. My table is purpose built, 3 student desk tops, an old kitchen cupboard and an old overhead china cupboard with sliding glass doors to my fat quarter collection, at the moment all suffering from sanding dust!!! But it is in place.
My DH is very clever though. At the moment there is NO power to this room!!!
This means I can clean up and help him with progress around the house before disappearing into my sewing room. There is such a thing as an extension cord but I will forget about that for the time being!!!

You can sort of see the configuration here.
Glass cupboard is under the long side and ALL is dusty!!

New cutting bench in front of the window, quilts and fabric with no current home, 
covered until I can get to them

What is left of my old sewing room
Cutting bench plus Scotch Chest with no home from our bedroom.
New wall being built across the room for our office and the good bit for me,
all that space on the left side is becoming storage cupboards.Yeah!!!

Start of our office or 4th bedroom.
Disappointed to find we can't fit a single bed as well with the size of our computer desk/chair
but plenty of room for a bookcase or two. 
Most of our books have been stacked under my sewing table for the last few years, leaving just enough room for my foot control. Lol.
The early shift into the computer room was because of this chair.

This is where our computer desk used to sit, in our YES also unfinished lounge.
Can't wait for our new carpet to get rid of the temporary fix for our extension.
The store next to my work is a baby store and this is one of their breast feeding chair's.!!!!
Returned by a customer as faulty, they had not followed the assembly instructions correctly 
I sat in one a few years ago and fell in love with it, far too late for me to need one but they are so comfortable. It swivels, rocks, reclines and it's foot stool adjusts to your position and rocks as well.
Repaired and for sale at under half price.
Rang Steve and asked him to come in and see what he thought of it - he looked and then he sat in it.!!!
Result - if you want it, buy it!!
Got home, the computer desk was moved out of the lounge and guess who is sitting in the chair most night's.
The baby store told me, if we get the husband in the chair - it's sold, worked for me!!!

To what quilting I did get done before having to unplug my machine. Am nearly half way with my baubles as have finished five plus the applique on the sixth. As I can't handstitch very well any longer I changed from Esther's pattern method of handstitching aound the padded bauble and will photograph my technique for my next blog post but here are my next 5 baubles. you can also see my background fabric's better in these photo's

Two Turtle Doves
We have very similar wild doves in Northland NZ but under a different name.

3 French Hens
This was fun but was several attempts to get fabric choices I was happy with.

4 Calling Birds, Esther's blog archive let me understand this one.

Five golden rings. Would love to do an embroidered spiderweb wheel top but I tried one for my poppies and it didn't look good and I had to take it off.
My Thumbs do not like handwork.

Six geese a laying. Not finished yet as this is when I had to pack up my machine.
Will show you how I am finishing my baubles with this one on my next blog.

Final Photo, six baubles on part of my tree background.

Now to link to Esther's Wow and then start organising my sewing room,
Enjoy your week everyone, Cheer's Jenny

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