Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Quilting with a House under Renovation.

Hi Everyone, This should be a WOW link to Esther, if I finish in time it will be but it is already Friday in NZ and time is running out. This was last week, I ran out of time !!!!
The last week has been DH doing the major renovation work as he has to start back at his other build next week and our place will take second place once again.
DH tells me I should be in my new sewing room by the end of next week. There will be no carpet on the floor but I need to move out of my now very dusty and cramped sewing room for his work to continue over the next week or so.

Window in and looking out. New sewing room faces NE so by early morning sun is streaming in and in summer it is going to be hot, have already mentioned I will need an awning for next summer.

My Current sewing room.
A new window added as this room will become our office, a passage to the new room and a 3m storage cupboard on the other wall.. Doorway in place to new room
Quilts with no where to live at present sit on my sewing table and I have to work around them

Looking back from the new room you can see what I have to work in at present
DH does cover everything while I am at work, thank goodness!!!
Around the house work continues as well.

Our new ensuite is finally gibbed and the window has been changed to double glazed etched glass.

From the exterior. Made to fit our brick cladding 

All bricks removed from the new spare room / ensuite front wall.

New spare room window and cladding in place.

From inside, this smaller room in now light and airy, private with the bottlebrush and tree in front
but full of more excess everything that we need to find a home for!!!!

Cladding also across the front with our smaller ranchslider which was the first to be in stalled
You can see the size of the trunk of the bottlebrush and how big a tree it would be if it had not been cut back many years ago. it is not the prettiest from the road, but it's new growth is perfect for privacy so I keep saying it stays. 

And finally to my sewing. Before work started on the house I managed to stitch the last poppies on to the background. They do pop off the fabric once they are stitched down.

This photo I still had the right side petals to stitch.
Because they are padded I stitch with them only pinned into place.
I could add bonding web to the back of my padding but I like the extra "puff" I get by not using it.

Now pinned over the current wallhanging in our lounge, one of the least dusty rooms!!!
 I need another couple of leaves on the right hand stems but this along with the final trimming and a
2 inch dark border have to wait until my sewing room is moved and I have space again.

In the meantime I have started Esther's 12 Days of Christmas wallhanging, I can just manage it on the space I have left on my sewing table. Have made six of the 12 foundation pieced blocks for the tree so far.

The true colour is deeper greens but it did not photograph well.
Still not sure the fabric with writing was the best choice but the more blocks I make the better it works,
it was also the only fabric I could find to make the other's work together.

This morning I made the first of the baubles - A Partridge in a pear tree

These baubles celebrating the song are going to be so much fun to make.
I  padded the bauble before doing my applique stitching as for me this gives a more 3D effect.

If you would like make this wall hanging the pattern is available for purchase from Esther's on line shop and she has all her blog posts about it on her blog site. They are great to read along with all the comments of those that made it along with her. 
I am no good at adding links so just go to the post links at the top of Esther's blog. 

I am either making another bauble now or adding the backing to this one.
Cheers's Jenny


  1. Talk about busy Jenny! Where do I start? The poppy is magnificent!! And your 12 Days...well, congratulations on starting this Christmas wall hanging before November (ha!). Your block is looking fabulous but I have to say that I am in love with your greens especially. It really zings!

    1. Thanks so much for your lovely comment Esther. Christmas creeps up on me so quickly every year that I know if I don't make it now, it won't get done. For the last few years I have always wanted this wall hanging to hang at Christmas, this year I got it - but too late for the Christmas just gone so I am being an early bird for this year.
      Interesting thing, when I went to buy my main fabrics - they were all being packed away.
      Oops, for most Christmas is over!!!!
      Cheer's Jenny

  2. Hi Jenny
    Your new sewing room is going to be great. Love your wall hanging and 12 days of Christmas quilt. Good time to start ready for Xmas at the end of this year.

    1. Thanks for commenting. I am really looking forward to my new sewing room. I should be filling brad holes on the skirtings etc instead of being on the computer. DH marked out my sewing table the other day and my comment was, ohhh - does it really take up that much space????
      will post photo's when it is complete, Cheer's Jenny

  3. Hi Jenny your wee Partridge looks so sweet, love the colours you used. and your Xmas tree glows. My goodness even with all the alterations you are still managing to pump out the art work. Cheers Glenda

    1. Thanks Glenda, I feel if I can't sew there is so much frustration in life.
      Quilting is my time out so if space is limited, work smaller and 12 days of Christmas is perfect for that at the moment. I really want to finish my Poppies but haven't room to work on it at present so it has to wait, know that trying to trim and add a border now, something will go wrong so am being as patient as I can be.
      Cheer's Jenny

  4. Hi Jenny.
    Extensions are looking good. You will be glad now it's clad and plastered - not so draughty!

    Your 12 Days will be beautiful - I am resisting the temptation to buy the pattern (even at 25% off this week) but am interested in the extra baubles Esther mentioned - for a different Christmas tree wall hanging I have. Cheers Wendy.