Thursday, 13 November 2014

Work on Wed 12th November

Hi Everyone,
Where has the year gone? I have no idea, but it is disappearing so quickly!!!
My foot is slowly getting better. I should probably have taken more time off work but as I feel fine in myself  it doesn't seem right to stay at home. However the longer days "9 hours on my foot" are a struggle.
My days off I have my foot up more often than not and have never watched so much TV, but when I ventured into my sewing room last week I came across this fabric that Glenda in Australia sent me.

A Ginny Beyer border fabric that Glenda thought might work for my LE coverlet, but it was not quite right.
I have loved border prints since making my Faberge wall hanging and thought what can I do with this fabric' and my left over strips from my wall hanging.
Again a Ginny Beyer table runner pattern was my inspiration and yes I had enough fabric to cut my center.

I reduced the centre pattern to 75% as I didn't have enough fabric if I wanted to use the narrow border fabric in the design as well.
This was a quilt as you go pattern, first time I have tried this technique so had no idea what I would end up with, coffee table or dining table runner. A trip to Country Dawn padded out my fabric's as I was looking at the pattern's requirements, in the end I didn't use them all. There should be 7 diamonds, not 6.

The original pattern trimmed the runner to the edge of the center diamond after seam allowance.
I added length back into the next two borders so that I could get maximum width but still use my narrow border fabric. These fabric's apart from the binding are my leftovers from my wall hangimg and at 53" by 15 1/2" fits perfectly on our buffet cabinet. Thank You Glenda your fabric is perfect.

I have carried on photographing the life of my one Gazzinia Flower, taking photo's every couple of days the black center is dissappearing and in the last photo she is finally starting to droop but she has given me pleasure for two weeks.

Finally the other day my DH decided Kelly should be the model for a new cap he had been given.
Kelly likes to oblige us, so patiently tried his cap for fit while I took photo's

this one looks good, I think it might suit me

I'm bored with this now - but I do love you Daddy.

Closing for this week as I will run out of time to link to Esther's WOW

Cheer's Everyone, Jenny

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