Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Work on Wednesday 3rd September

Hi Everyone,
Have been making the most of my morning as have to go to work this afternoon, it is officially my day off but we have to do a cosmetic area stocktake so it is all hands on deck. Extra pay can always mean more fabric next week so not all bad if I just think of that.
I now know I made the right decision to rest my LE for a few weeks and do something totally different as
I can't wait to get to my sewing room and work on my new project.
Cathy sent me 50% true Faberge pattern fabric's plus her recomendations for the others.
After very carefully cutting my 1 3/4" inch strips and putting them into their correct strip sets I had 2 problem fabric's that did not seem to work in their various locations.

One was no problem as I had found the correct fabric at Country Dawn and yes there was there a huge difference between the two.

The one on the right is the correct fabric.

The second was more difficult as the pattern images showed a very designed fabric for the central fabric but the one below just seemed to strong and too dark.

After two trips to Country Dawn yesterday morning as I had forgotten to take the most essential strips with me the first time ( they were sitting on my ironing board so I wouldn't forget them )  Luckily they are now only 6km from home not the 60km they used to be.
I could not find a fabric in similar colours that would work but when I went back to their range of Jinny Beyer fabric's it came to me. The one of the left was actually too light.

Now this looks better already.

My new fabric is from the Jinny Beyer "Faberge" range so a truly authentic fabric for this quilt although not the correct one.
However - it is the same design as the background fabric of my LE - how about that !!!!
Have just had a phone call to say stocktake has been cancelled as our scanners have not arrived so will be able to do a lot more sewing later today.

Small stripsets sewn and cut to shape, first stripset plus triangle joined.
Maybe my blue fabric next to the stongly patterned one should now be more green/blue but I know there was nothing better to replace it with at Country Dawn.

Cental Star has come together perfectly, it is ages since I have done strip piecing and matching points. 
Think it was my LE compass.

Oh WOW, I am loving this.

First half of my central hexagon complete. The pattern is so precise in it's instructions that the inset seams have been so easy to bring together along with the dovetailing of the seams.
Along with a printable sheet of labels for both fabrics and the strip cuts everything has been made simple.
The blue fabric that I wondered about, really should have had more green tones but it is working for me as is.
Well this is my Wednesday so far, off to link with Esther's WOW.
Enjoy your day,
Cheer's Jenny


  1. Love it, colors really pop!!

  2. It's going to be so pretty when you're done.

  3. I Love seeing your quilt coming together, great colours.

  4. Looking fabulous, love your fabrics here

  5. That is going to be lovely when its done. Love the colros.

  6. Hi Jenny this is such fun watching you work on this WOWWWWW It really is a WOW isn't it? Sure can see you are having lots of fun here. I really like the fabrics you have chosen doesn't the beige colours make the aqua colours pop. So glad you are back having fun in your sewing room Hugs Glenda