Thursday, 11 September 2014

Work on Wednesday !0th September

Hi Everyone,

Have had a great week, topped off last night by being taken out to dinner by my workmates.
The reason - another big 0 has appeared in my life today. 60 years old, LOL
I don't feel one bit like 60 - except when I overdo the gardening - then I know I am getting older!!!
Evidently my love of quilting is not a huge secret.
A gift voucher for use at Country Dawn Fabric shop was my birthday present from my workmates, another voucher for Country Dawn  followed this morning from my DH. - We do not usually buy presents for each other ( we just buy what we need or want, when we need or want it)
I had to laugh when Steve told me that when Karen asked him to fill out my name on the gift certificate she said, "OH for Jenny, she does such beautiful machine applique, we are all in awe of what she is currently making" Gave me lovely warm fuzzies, as that has to be my LE she is talking about.

I receieved a beautiful Healing Heart block from Esther Aliu last week and it was a wonderful moment, knowing someone cared enough to make it for me.
I have now dealt with all the current Estate matter's regarding Mum's passing and have lost myself the last week in my Jinny Beyer Faberge Wall hanging.
It has come together far faster than I had thought it would.

I can only say I love the glow of Jinny Beyer fabrics

My quilt top is now finished.
I worried how my border fabric choice would work as it is lighter, brighter and more mauve than the original fabric which is no longer available - but I love it.

My borders have taken days to do as I decided I would take my time and trust Jinny Beyer's instructions completely. Am describing briefly what I did but haven't taken any photo's as there is a video and detailed instructions available for free at under the Tips link.
I did NO measuring, squaring or trimming before adding my borders just trusting my cutting and stitching had been accurate. All cutting of the borders was done with the border across the center of the quilt. Top border first, matching a motif with the center point then cutting the first mitre at the fabric edge,  folding cut end to other side matching the pattern and cutting the other mitre. Bottom border then cut to be identical.
This wallhanging is rectangular so to match the corner mitres the side borders had to be cut and rejoined.
So it was cut a matching mitre then position the border again through the center of the quilt and measure and cut straight across the border 1/4 inch past half way. One more identical 1/2 border and two mirror image.
Can you see the joins on the sides borders above?

Perfect mirror images.

I did have a few moments concern when fitting my borders,  my quilt top was definately a little wider at top and bottom than in the center but that is the reason for Jinny's method, to end up with a perfectly squared top. Patient easing of the quilt top in to fit the border fabric, plenty of pinning and a little pressing and it all came together.

A gorgeous corner design formed by the mitre's

For stitching my mitre's I used Esthers technique which is on her blog site under tutorials, it is so easy and made matching the design very straightforward. A quick addition here as have just checked on Esther's blog and couldn't find Tutorials but go to the Hearts Desire link at top of her site and her blog on how to Mitre corner's is there.

Now I'm off to spend some of my voucher's buying batting so I can start quilting my top.
Enjoy your day everyone.
Cheer's Jenny

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  1. G'day there Jenny and a VERY Belated Happy Birthday to you!
    Just love Jinny's patterns and have several on the 'to do list' - just need to finish a few things first........ ;)
    Hugs Wendy