Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Work of Wed 2nd July

Hi Everyone,

Last week I finished my Willow Tree corners and LE is back on my wall

I love how the willow tree's look, though if I had had any fabric left from my corners stone blocks  in the last border I would have varied the branch tones. Don't have so couldn't do and not dwelling on it.LOL.
Esther, Love Entwined is such a wonderful design, Thank You so much for sharing it with us.
I never thought I would get this far but now my LE is asking for her next border. I am scared what I see maybe too much but am so looking forward,  to both the challenge and going back to working with my original background fabric.
So what am I doing this week.
Have of course been thinking about part 14 and those swags along the border.

11 of the fabrics are what I have used already, the one at the left end an addition to give me my 12 but am not really happy with this option. so thinking I might use one fabric twice.

Liking this much better but still not comfortable with it. Now it is my taffeta's that have me wondering.
Plenty of time for more playing before the 15th.

With these on my wall, what else an I doing,?
Pulled out my Bamboo wallhanging  to see where I had got to when it last got put away.

So that's where I got to!!! nearly finished echo stitching around the main leaves
Yes my batting looks unusual. Because this is a wallhanging and my background fabric is quite thick and heavy - it is an upholstery fabric - I have used a length of wool fabric instead of traditional batting.
Just pinned to the wall it is hanging nice and flat with only the echo stitching done so far.
Am not sure how I will quilt the open areas at this stage, am thinking of just stitching more bamboo leaves with black thread.
It's been out for a few days now but I still haven't started stitching yet, Lol
I have spent hours studying this pattern and looking for fabric's.


I have had this pattern for some years. I love the colors and the 3D effect. Have always wanted to make at least one of Jinny Beyer's patterns and this one is now calling to me. Also helps that my DH loves it as well!!!
It would suit our lounge wall perfectly when we finally finish the room- i have plenty of time to make it at the current rate of progress on the room.
Of course the feature border fabric is no longer available but I have found a shop in Oamaru  that must have the largest range of Ginny Beyer fabrics in NZ and over 75% of the correct ones for this pattern.
Cathy is now organising me options for what is no longer available so this is definately on my to do list.

Definately winter here in Northland, raining again so maybe I need to work on my Bamboo hanging, or change my swag fabrics around again!!
Enjoy your week everyone, Jenny


  1. Stunning work on your LE Jenny, it looks wonderful :)

  2. Your LE is a real showstopper! Lovely!