Wednesday, 18 June 2014

WOW 18th June

Hi Everyone.

Have so been waiting for this week and the release of Esther's Part 13 the Willow Tree.
From the time I first saw Esther's photo of the original coverlet I wondered if I could reach this stage in the quilt, for me this block makes such a statement within the whole pattern. Strength plus Shelter and yet such Gentleness is what I feel when thinking of a Willow Tree and it's softly moving branches in a breeze.
Did the original designer feel this as well or something totally different, I don't know but Esther your pattern is perfect in my mind.
Thank you for your comment that the pattern may need individual adjustment. First thought - it won't, my border measurements matchyours  perfectly - but maybe I should check before I start tracing and cutting.
Just as well I did.
Pattern was too wide and would  overlap the ends of my oval braid!!!
My solution was to do this.

I cut the trunk out of my pattern 

My overlap onto my braids wasn't that great so I trimmed a quarter inch from each side of the pattern through the center.

With another sheet of paper underneath I repositioned my pattern to include the trunk and secured my Willow into place.

After a recheck it fitted so I traced, fused and cut my willow tree. When I started to fuse it down I discovered that my lower branches now extended past my stitching line for this border. I trimmed each branch to sit comfortably inside the stitching line. My cutting line for the border is marked but NOT trimmed at this stage and won't be until AFTER I attach the next border because this is a method I have found works for me.

This is my result.

I love how it looks and works with the corner block of the inner border but I am not completely happy.
I cut my tree as one piece but looking at the pattern I decided to add a different fabric for the trunk and am now not sure if I should have. I think it will be fine once the final applique border is in place. I also extended the trunk over my cutting line to allow for any adjustment later.
Using 2 new colors here I have added extra fabrics to my coverlet  for what I feel is going to be a very intense final applique border of "swags" and " butterflies" plus flowers. The next border is scaring me, I want to only use fabrics I have already used within the quilt top but am not sure if this is going to be possible.
Still undecided I climbed my steps again and pinned LE back to the wall, until know I wasn't even sure which corner I had completed as she is getting so big, LOL

I am back to HAPPY, the slightly darker fabric for the trunk now works as it is not in my face like I felt it was viewing it up close.
I am gaining more and more admiration for the original maker of this marriage coverlet.
I look at the flow out through the corners, from the shape of the central vase to the leaves in the next cornerstone block and then to the Willow Tree. OMG when the final applique border is in place with it's fabulous Sun cornerstone blocks, how amazing  and beautiful is Love Entwined going to be.
Esther, I am in awe of how you are making LE come to life and so thankful you are sharing your talent with us.
Was going to close here but this morning I have attached my last border - still have the eyelets to stitch in flower centers but can do that with the border on.
So one more photo,

I now know which corner I added my first willow too!!!
now to link with esther's WOW
Happy stitching everyone.


  1. This is sooooo amazing Jenny you are creating such a beautiful quilt!

  2. This is so beautiful and you are up to date with Esthers pattern! How great is that. I am just starting at border no. 8...but seeing how loveley is becomes I will work on as quick as I can. Your willow tree is awesome, good luck making three more.

  3. I wish I had seen your posting about the size before I cut out all my willow tree pieces. I am hoping that I can get the tree to fit in by just doing 3 sets of branches. I have not done any assembly yet as I still have applique to do on all pieces so far! One way or another I will make it fit!!

    As you know I already had a scare thinking that my last set of borders were the wrong size, but that was my error. I never though to check this piece.

    Dawn BC

  4. Jenny - It is absolutely beautiful.

  5. I'm in awe of your quilt. It's magnificent!

  6. Hi Dawn, Replying here as you are coming up no reply.
    You can easily make the 4 branch sets fit. Whether you are hand or machine stitching just trim the inner edge of your branches at the trunk back as much as you need to, then place your branches and position your trunk overtop.
    I am trimming my branch ends as I fuse each corner not beforehand.
    Cheers Jenny

  7. Hallo Jenny,
    dies wird eine wundervolle Bettdecke und Ihre Arbeit ist auch wunderschön und eine tolle Leistung.
    Monika aus German