Wednesday, 22 January 2014

WOW 22nd Jan

Hi Everyone, I am well and truly back in LE mode with Esther releasing Part 8 last week.
So what am I mainly blogging about this week? - One guess only!!!
Saturday, I tried to get my head around the pattern and marked my fabric for the borders.
I really wanted to start with the vase of flowers, went straight to a huge mental block as I couldn't bring the  border together in my head, to pick my fabrics for the flowers.
Knew I wanted to keep using my center fabrics and had already fussy cut a couple of medallions that I thought would work. So from there, my first choice of medallion and working towards the center.

I didn't take photo's of all my trials for the cross flowers, lets just say there were quite a few.
I knew the green I wanted to add for my Oak Leaves so I made them first, another fabric from the curtain sample swatches. I think I will need this color to tie in the corner blocks and it is slightly deeper than it looks here.
I originally had two light and two dark cross flowers, same as in my center, then I decided on my triangle border colors and was using the lighter color there so the light shade had to go from my cross.
Flower center is also my compass center
The little legs or trunks on the triangles are again new colors from my curtain samples.

Changed my medallion, liked this one better, then worried it was too small compared to Esther's pattern and wondered whether to fussy cut it apart and make it larger and more open. It is the medallion I used for both my center flowers around the compass and my corner hearts. Thanks to everyone's comments  in the group it is staying as is.
This is the way I minimized fabric use for those triangles, if you are using fusible you might like to try this

Drew 2 lines for the triangle guide and traced the triangles into a continuous  line to rotary cut apart.

Then came Monday, started to stitch my applique and Glenda's comment on the group, had I tried my first medallion on point kept popping into my head. Thanks Glenda Lol!!!
No photo's of this but I pinned it over my end medallion and called my DH to take a look as by then I was very undecided and Steve does have a very good eye for what works.
His comment, Doesn't work at the end - put it in the center, it will work there!!!

So I tried it and I liked it - until

If  I was stopping here my DH is right, this would work but I am not stopping here and the border is back to being too heavy, and needs the vase of flowers. Sorry Darling, it does work  but I really  need lightness in the border center and Esther's vase of flowers is perfect - well it is her pattern after all!!!

Where am I at today, bought more Viesofix this morning and have been able to continue fusing my border.

My Zigzag border is now stitched and complete. Because I have used the smaller motif at each end I have only put 5 dots around the oak leaves at present, balance seems better and can always add the others.
Will finish fusing this afternoon and then I can stitch before and after work for the next few days.

To other things, while I have been in my sewing room the reciprocating saw and hammer has been working on our renovation.

Now this is the true walk through. wardrobe

Wardrobe gone, Scotch Chest, Antique Apprentice Chest and Teddy's in new home.
Including the I Love You  hedgehog DH gave me when he was "courting" me
Gosh, that brings back so many memories, but not today!!!

New wardrobe for our bedroom fitted, slightly smaller than the old one. We had to pack 6 canvas bags of quilting fabric, pattern boxes and excess linen to empty this space as it was the spare room wardrobe.

Our en suite is starting to take shape, shower tray borrowed from a friend to check for size. Toilet will fit in the gap to the window,  we bought the vanity off Trade Me ( NZ version of Ebay) for $100-00  it was a 10 min drive away. Not my first choice but perfect for the space we have available.

And while we are doing out thing, Kelly is doing her's. It's hot Mummy and I have crashed on the kitchen tiles.
Enjoy you Wednesday, wherever you live.
Cheers Jenny


  1. Wow! I really admire your work on this. It looks very complex. I especially like the shading on the zig zag border. It's all lovely.

  2. Wow! Really love what you are doing with the LE - and admiring how much you've done! All this and some house re-modelling? I think that my head would explode!

  3. Your work is gorgeous. Hope your renovations go well and without a hitch.
    Hugs bunny