Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Work on Tuesday 28th Jan

It's only Tuesday but if I don't write today it won't happen as back at work tomorrow.
It sure gets in the way of my sewing, Lol.
My LE Border has progressed as I have spent every spare minute working on it.
Putting the other side in place was easy and my new fabric worked well for the vase.

But will my choice of fabric for the daisies work, they are very soft colors, but it is silk marriage kimono fabric and I WANT to use it in LE!!!

This photo shows how beautiful this fabric is, but colors are not true, it is much softer.
I hated to cut into it, but

I couldn't bring myself to cut only the flowers so incorporated some of the gold leaves and tried to keep the purity of the design. This is very close to the true color.
Once this was stitched there was no going back as I would never try to unpick that stitching, the rest of my flowers just have to suit.

I think this works.
Have spent all morning fussy cutting and trying different option's.
Added lilac's and blue's, took out both.
Still have to add  the dark dots on the right, but it will only be five.

In this photo you can see why.
Staying with the smaller medallion at the ends has created more space.
I should have moved them in a little, but I didn't!!!
Five dots only give me more space towards the center, add four more and the balance will be way out
Now thinking about Esther's flowers next to the vase.
Do I need them or not?.

At least I have got myself to the stage that I can stitch for the next few days whenever I get the opportunity.
Cheer's everyone, Jenny


  1. WOW Jenny! Your productivity knows no bounds, how do you manage it again and again??!! I really love your workmanship on LE, you've really made it your own and those unique touches are just wonderful. Thank you for sharing your progress, I love it!

  2. Jenny I think those silk flowers are made for there, I loved them as soon as I saw the photo's even before reading any thing, they look lovely. It is all so balanced beautiful work and all on a sewing machine you amaze me every time. Hugs Glenda

  3. Oh my gosh - that is just SO lovely! Well done, Jenny!

  4. Beautiful :) I love the silk flowers you have added.

  5. All your design decisions are successful. I am just auditioning my fabrics and haven't sewn any border yet. I look at the little leaves around the outer design and cringe. I have appliqued for a long time, but those scare me. It is good to see you deviate and still achieve such beauty.