Wednesday, 6 February 2013

WOW 6th Feb

Waitangi Day in NZ, a public Holiday to celebrate the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi, between the Maori and the European settlers. Goverment is still settling issues with various Iwi over over land, water and air rights.
We are having a laid back day as I don't have to work and the sun is shining after several drizzly days bringing much needed rain.
Yesterday I finished stitching my binding onto Cherry Thieves table runner.

I have only edge stitched around the applique as I love the texture of the vines on my background fabric, plus my freemotion is terrible. may add some beads yet to the flower centers.
It is square, it's my pinning that wasn't LOL
Have started mug mats this morning to match, reduced the bird pattern for some and used the corner flower for others.

While relaxing in bed with coffee and old copies of APQ magazines theother rainy morning I found this pattern  in Vol 19 No 3 Pomegranate  by  Esther Aliu

First in a traditional  motif inspired Vase Series - Esther, is there a series?
Must be from the time of  Red Delicious. I think I have found an accompniant for my table runner, and I also started this, this morning.

If you voted for Snowdrops on last week, thankyou.
There were some fantastic winter themed entries which you should go and see. I got to double digits in voting so was very happy!!!

This weeks theme is Commemorative Quilts so I just had to enter Hearts Desire - my Christchurch Quilt.

An unfinished quilt, which is always still on my mind, and the 2nd anniversary of the ChCh earthquake on Feb 22nd 2011 which claimed the lives of 185 people, is not far away.
For those of you that don't know why this still remains unfinished, after all my dreams to raffle it internationally and donate the proceeds to the rebuild, we COULD NOT get past red tape.
Steve talked with every possible Govt agency, but to run an  international online raffle from NZ  is seemingly impossible, hence I felt I could not ask anyone to donate their custom quilting time.
For any Raffle "or game of chance" the only payment formats allowed in NZ are cash or eftpos.
A Credit Card payment is illegal!!!
One Day!!!!
Cheers everyone, enjoy your Wednesday.


  1. Oh Jenny it is so lovely to see your beautiful quilt again. It is simply stunning. I'm so glad you have entered it as now so many other quilters will see it too. SO sad that you were not able to raffle it but I'm sure one day when it ends up at a special place you will know why you were stopped at every corner????? Your table runner is so sweet, those birds are such fun ones to make. Take care. Glenda

  2. Your Heart's Desire looks amazing. I am blown away with how such a bright and textured lime border has a way of calming the whole quilt. Now I'm feeling guilty again about not including it on mine.

  3. Lovely table runner, but I'm blown away by your version of the Heart's Desire!

  4. Jenny your hearts desire is just beyond amazing. It might be meant to stay loved in your home. Love your Cherry Theives it is gorgeous. Isn't Esther's artwork wonderful and we are so lucky to have found her.
    Hugs Bunny

  5. All three are gorgeous, Jenny! Your heart was in the right place wanting to raffle that quilt.

  6. I love your hearts desire the black background really sets off the red.

  7. Love your birds :D And Hearts Desire is absolutely magnificent. It will be such a lovely finish when quilted. It's really too bad that an international raffle was blocked.

  8. Just wanted to stop by and wish you a big Congratulations on your winning quilt in this weeks contest at the Quilting Gallery! I was so impressed with your quilt.
    Ruth O

  9. I can finally comment after my Goggle troubles, so of course I came here first!

    Jenny, what a beautiful quilt, you have made it so beautifully and I know how heartfelt it's been for you. A big congratulations for both making this quilt with love and on winning. What great work!

    The Cherry Thieves are looking so lovely on your table! Yes the Pomegranate is one in a series which the magazine never got back to me about (!!). I'll probably release them in the Yahoo Group as mini projects.