Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Work On Wednesday 10th Oct

A muddled week.
Worked Monday which I never usually do but a work mate had a family bereavment so we swopped days and I go back on Friday. It has thrown me completely out as to what day  is which.
My DH was away  Mon / Tues and I nearly forgot to put the rubbish out Tues Morning as thought it was only Monday.
Can't get enthused in stitching my last 3 Kaleidoscope blocks, think I am in applique mode so am patiently -or impatiently - waiting for the 15th and Esther's next blocks.

Thought I would show you this week the full Poppies Wallhanging that I  use as my Header,
and where some of the techniques I use have come from.

Another pattern by Adrienne Walker, same designer as my Wild Lilies, and the only wallhanging I have parted with as a girlfriend fell in love with it and has furnished her spare bedroom around it.
Some of you might recognize the striped background fabric!!!Also the metallic silver leftovers in my coffee table runner. Don't ever throw any fabric out, no matter how small.

This is also where I discovered the Ribbed Wheel for my centers, and the outward blanket stitch for furry stems!!

The other major influence on my applique has been Mary Transom.
I did a course with her a couple of years ago and that was a big learning curve for stitching and padding before adding  applique to the background.

We had a choice of  Poppies or Pond Life.
As I had already made Adrienne Walker's Poppies  I opted for Pondlife.

This is Mary Transom's  teaching project, where we could prepare a pieced background before the class.

I had been reading a book on 3D perspective and offsetting horizons and much more so thought why not give it a go for my background.
Could only find fat quarters for my water foreground so played with that as well as my sky.

It worked -- but initially it didn't!!!
The lowered vanishing point on the horizon works well but I had origionally offset it to the right.
Tried toooo many things at once.
I am minus 1 bullrush and a couple of leaves in my finished hanging in order to make the fish the focal point rather than the bullrushes. Thanks to my group for their advice on how to fix it.

Also learnt how to stitch onto net over washaway for the insect wings.

I had shadow stitched the ripples for my quilting and it wasn't working either.
A group member suggested stippling the water, using  darker thread as shadow behind  the reeds, so my first attempt and I went overboard, but I am very happy with it.
Cheers everyone for this week, roll on the 15th.


  1. Morning Jenny thanks so much for sharing. A stunning wall hanging. Great lessons here, loved the learning about the back ground fabric. Yes Mary is an incredible artist, you were so lucky to be able to attend one of her classes. Again thanks for sharing I learn so much. Cheers Glenda

  2. I just wandered onto your blog from one of my other friends and will say that I am in awe with your wall quilts. They are beautiful. I really enjoyed reading about your methods on the Pond Life project. It is so wonderful looking. You have a real talent for this type of quilt. I've never tried any landscape or art picture quilts, but this might inspire me to try. I will be checking back often to follow your activities. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wonderful small quilt and technics, thank´s for sharings!Amazing work!
    Greetings from germany, Marita

  4. Your quilts are so pretty.! My husband loved the fish quilt !

  5. LOL - Glad to see I'm not the only one who doesn't know what day of the week it is.. my DH was home on Monday, throwing my week out totally!

  6. Wow, I love your quilts, they are very nice. I would like to learn more about the dragonfly wing technique. It sounds very interesting. Good work!!!

  7. Jenny, your pond life quilt and the work in, just stunning! Thanks for sharing it and your methods.