Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Work on Wed 3rd oct

Where did Sept go!!!
Am on my last day of 5 days off, although yesterday had to go to work at 4pm to help with stocktaking,
extra pay so not all bad.
Have really enjoyed Esther's blocks this month.
Both are now finished and I am very happy. Went back to my roots I guess, lots of fussy cutting and prestitching rather than using pencils to add color and shadings.

Hibiscus came out stronger than I expected,  and I will have to be careful with fabric choices for next blocks on this background, or balance between blocks will go awry. It is so like  the one I had growing in Raro, so very in your face!!!

We have a new computer, it is 4 years old but compared to the old one I'm in 7th heaven!!!
Still adding programmes we want as it was stripped back to bare bones.
Found a free download for a basic photo editor and discovered I can make collages, so here are my seven lavender background blocks.
You can  see what I mean about careful colour choices for the rest of this set, it is not an easy background like I hoped it would be.
My Pansies, have had this fabric for a while and I just knew the right flower would come up to use it for.
The Violets fabric is a Blue/Purple batik that I have pulled out several times but was never right for my blue, until now.  Used an eyelet stitch to make a yellow center before adding the beads so they are just edged with gold. Yes I am Happy!!!

And a collage of these blocks.

Think the balance is pretty good but stll not sure about the Magnolia, I feel it looks better in this photo than in real life. So ----

First flower of the remake, have fussy cut my petals and stitched the petal veins with flower on a lightweight stabiliser. Last petal to attach and stitch.

Both main flowers vein stitched and ready for padding and applique.
And now completed.

I feel this is so delicate compared to my first magnolia.

Felt it was just a little insipid when finished so reverted to pencils and just edged some of the petals over my stitching with a deeper line plus a very little towards their center.

Have added it to my collage,  flowers appear bigger against the others as I took the photo from closer however I think it's colour fits better.
Interested for your comments.
Cheers everyone for this week


  1. Awesome Post Jenny, lovely photos of lovely work.. and congrats on the new computer - DS#2 is rebuilding one of his 'old ones' for me atm. I think it is going to be a little more than I will ever need! ;-)

  2. Jenny -- you are so very talented! These "Forget Me Not" blocks are gorgeous!

    Thank so much for sharing -- and congratulations!
    Keep up the good work!


  3. Wow, I love your Forget Me Not blocks, very pretty! And you are right, the second version of the Magnolia looks much better!

  4. Really nice blocks can't wait to see the finished quilts!!

  5. Your work is outstanding they all look fantastic. I know you had as much fun as I did

  6. Jenny, I really like your work. Beautiful indeed.