Wednesday, 12 April 2017

12th April Easter Blessings / Secret Garden

Hi Everyone,
Another couple of weeks have disappeared since I blogged, time definitely waits for no man -- or woman especially one who likes to quilt.
Had a great time making Easter Blessings, Esther's free Easter gift to her group.
From the start I saw the pussy willow as mini easter eggs and had a fat quarter of a multi patterned fabric which I was sure would be perfect - and it was.

Mini Eggs stitched with Metallic Gold thread

Auditioned lots of pinks and yellows for my flowers and did buy a couple of new ones as well that I thought could also work for Secret Garden, for applique I just buy 20cm strips of fabric so for the cost of a metre I end up with five different fabrics.

All stitched and so happy with how it has come out'

Used four different yellows, all fairy frosts for my lilys
Decided to use a machine embroidery stitch for my stamens and added them to my central lily as well.

Triple stitch for Bunny Whiskers.

Last Thursday I found a fabric for my border, put it aside as thought tons of time till Easter then the light came on so to speak, there was only about 10 days to go.
Border fabric was perfect although I hadn't bought quite enough as fabric is directional.
Couldn't just cut strips across the fabric which meant I wasn't able to mitre my corners as planned but it doesn't really matter. Have edge stitched around parts of the applique but have decided not to touch the background at all.

Ready to hang.

Of course the 1st of April was in the last two weeks and on schedule the 3rd block of Secret Garden arrived in my inbox. was so excited as these blocks are so lovely and this one was no exception. Esther is outdoing herself with this mystery BOM,the blocks are so beautiful.
Have no idea how it will end up but having bought and read the book which I couldn't put down just know the result is going to be fabulous.
First thing to tackle was the cat, having just made my rabbit thought this will be so easy but it took three attempts to be happy.

Only used one fabric for the face making the eyes with reverse applique putting a soft green behind then blanket stitched the edges with the face on stabiliser. Used pencils to shade and detail the face, adding a line of brown around the inside of the eye before adding the black with a fine marker then a dot of silver, brightened the green a little and was thrilled with the result.
The pen line is where I planned to cut away my background fabric behind the body, luckily I place the body before I cut and realised I was way off.

Vase was next to positiion and stitch in place. Left the top edge unstitched to place my leaves under.

The leaves caused me a headache initially as started making them two tone but didn't like what I was achieving so went with a single batik, used triple stitch to define the stems then added some yellow to half of each leaf. the number of leaves across the body is why I cut away the background behind my cat.

Are these my colours?
Made one of each flower in the fabrics I was thinking of using to see how they would look.
happy with the purple/yellow, liked the pink though decided not to use that particular flower by the face as felt the outer light pink wasn't right. 
Colours decided I made up all my flowers working with 3 different pinks and fussy cutting my purple/yellow fabric. I like simple so used a slightly different green for the bases and cut them in one piece and stitching them on stabilser.

left one stitched, right one with stitching lines marked.
Stitching done lightly padded them before doing the final stitching into place

Lighter flower moved lower.
Petals on both flowers stitched with toning variegated thread.

All stitched and am so pleased with the result.
But do I need the stamens and circles?

A resounding YES
 So much softer and the angular shape of the flower placement has gone completely. 
Esther you are amazing at knowing what a design needs.

Love seeing the three bocks together.

Back to stitching more hearts on Luv Shack for the next few days, ideal weather for sewing as we are getting the system that was Cyclone Cook moving over us today and tomorrow with heavy rain forecast for the North Island. Whangarei is expected to be on the edge of the system but am feeling so sorry for Edgecombe in the Bay of Plenty. Stop bank failed during last weeks downpours from the tail end of Cyclone Debbie with massive flooding through out the town, now they are expected to get the worst of this weather system as well. Hopefully the repairs will hold.

Linking to Esther's WOW now.

Have a great Easter everyone.
Cheers Jenny


  1. Just totally loving the evolution of your block and wallhanging.

    I really thought the original design of the Easter project was SUPPOSED to be Easter Eggs after seeing your interpretation. There could be no other way in my eyes!!!

    Buying 20cm pieces is perfect for me too. I do it all the time, and am particularly loving those Fairy Frost fabrics at the moment. It's strange, I never really went in for them before, now you can't keep me away from them. They are just so useful!

    As for your SG3 yellow and purple flowers with the circles, ohhhh.... myyyy goooooodnesssss.... the fussy cutting is divine. No other words. Just love all the details. I love to audition and choose the fabrics and see how they evolve too. I feel that you also look at how this block interacts with the previous blocks, and they are looking so soft and special.

    Thank you for sharing your journey with us all.

    Lorraine xo

  2. Those pussy willow eggs are so sweet!